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best striker class

YouTube It's your boy T back with a Bea article man today we got the striker9 this SMG is actually insane man This thing shoots madly quickly and has no recoil. Give it a try. The class setup is at the end of the article, man. I hope you enjoyed it. We dropped another Banger article. We dropped 30 kills, man, and I'll catch you at the end of the class setup.

I do not want to drive up. This kill was confirmed, and we located the rest of them. The enemy destroyed them. Use your TM to hunt down the rest of them. UAVs are being refueled as UAVs. Good kill, marking the rest of that squad on your T map. Get hunting the resurgence is about to end. Make It Count kill confirmed, and we located the rest of them, mhm, enemy soldier.

All right, man, the end article, man Here we go, we have the striker long barrel, this is what we got, the Recon long barrel barrel, long barrel barrel, yeah, for the barrel, this is what we got stupid, so I was going to say something, but anyway, then we got the underbarrel, we got the vertical skeletal grip, and this is what we're rocking.

I love this grip, and I'm actually going to start using it on all my SMGs now. I used it in multiplayer, and it's actually amazing in War Zone. We got the high grain for the ammunition—50-round mag, of course—and then, last but not least, we got the RB, salt stalk. This is what we're rocking.

best striker class modern warfare 3

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