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YouTube: Today we're taking a look at everyone's favorite weapon, the M4. The M4 is one of the most versatile guns in Modern Warfare 2, so it'll be a great choice no matter what the situation, plus it looks good, so let's get straight to the weapon.

Best m4 setup

setup first, we want to take out as much recoil as possible, and we'll be doing that with a muzzle The M4 already has really low recoil, but we want it even lower.

The Kamado heavy muzzle only helps us with horizontal recoil, and that's all that we need because of the vertical recoil, On the M4, it is very easy to control. It barely costs us any advertising time, so this is a great choice. Then, on the barrel, we're going to be using the 14-inch carbine trout.


This will help our vertical and horizontal recoil all at once at the cost of a little bit of numb side speed, but we will make up for that, and your bullet velocity is going to increase, which is going to give you better hit registration. Then, to help with the right known side speed, we're going to be using either the Schlager PEC Box 4 or the FSS OLED laser.

The FSS helps more with our renowned side speed, but the laser will be visible whenever you aim down sight. Meanwhile, the Schlager PEC box only gives us about half the aim-down sight reduction as the FSS OLED laser, but the enemies cannot see the laser at all. I will be going with the FSS OLED laser just to have the quickest and lowest downside speed possible, then we'll be going for the rear grip, where we will be using the second ZX grip, which drastically lowers our recoil and has minimal downsides, and lastly, for the stock, we'll be using the Tempest p80 strike stock, which helps with all of our mobility stats at the cost of a minimal amount of recoil control, which you really won't feel now.

beginner m4

If you don't like the iron sights, which I actually think are really good, then you'll want to switch out the stock for an optic. I really like the Slimline Pro, but if you don't have it, don't worry; just use your favorite optic. You'll want to switch out the if you'll want to switch out the if you want to switch for an optic.

If you really like the Slimline Pro, then you'll want to switch out the stock for an optic. I really like the slimline, if you don't have to be exact just get as close as you possibly can to it, then we move on to the barrel where we will also be increasing the weight up to plus 0.30 pounds, again it doesn't have to be exact just get as close as you possibly can to it, and then we're going to lower the length of the barrel to negative 0.25.

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Inches for that better and down sight speed we can't tune the laser but we can tune the stock, which we will be decreasing the weight down to negative 1.03 ounces to help with our downside speed, then on the bottom side we will be increasing the length to plus 1.01 inches to help with our aiming stability, which is quite useful when trying to control the recoil, and lastly for the rear grip we will be lowering the weight to negative 0.50 ounces This is as close as I could get it to that, and then we want to decrease the width to a very specific negative number, 0.07 inches.

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This will help us maximize the amount of sprinting to fire speed while minimizing any of the cons. And now you have an absolute beast of an M4, which I'm quite sure you will be happy with and have fun with.

Beginner m4 (no extra attachments necessary)

Beginner m4 (no extra attachments necessary)

And now I really want to show you a build that only uses M4 native attachments. You would use this if you're a complete beginner and you don't have the attachments unlocked to be able to create the best M4 that I just showed you a second ago. This is the class that you would use first for the muzzle.

We begin with the equal-line GSX. You unlock this quite early, and it keeps us nice and suppressed. Then, for the barrel, we'll be using the 11.5-inch, 4-inch barrel, and this barrel will help us with our own downside speed, and it doesn't hurt our recoil, which is just great to have then. For the stock, we'll be using the demo fade.

best m4

Pro Stock gives us better aim at walking speed and sprint speed, and it barely costs us any aiming stability. For the rear grip, we'll be using the second ZX grip, which helps with recoil control and doesn't cost us any extra time. How I don't have an optic in this because the only optic that you can natively unlock for the M4 is the s-Z Lone Wolf optic, which you can use if you would like to, but it will hurt us, and I don't really think it looks that good.

If you have any other optics unlocked, then go ahead and use them, but I think sticking to the iron sights is a much better idea. This is the best M4 setup that you could possibly make by just unlocking the M4 and leveling up the weapon, so now let's move on to the tuning for the M4 with only native attachments.

Notice how we actually don't want to tune the muzzle; we keep it as it is by default, but we do want to tune the barrel to a higher weight. 0.23 pound, which will help with recoil steadiness even more, and it's a pretty good trade-off. On the bottom side, you want to increase the length of the barrel up to +/- 0.09 inch.

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The increase in damage range will definitely help. We don't have a laser or an optic, but we do have a stock that we want to tune by, increasing the weight up to plus 2.97 ounces. The aim-walk steadiness will help us as we're walking and shooting at the same time, so the trade-off and aim-down sight speed are worth it, and on the stock, you really don't want to worry about the length here.

Last, for the rear grip, we want to increase the weight up to positive 0.42 ounces again to help with our recoil steadiness, which we do need a little bit more of, and on the bottom side, we want to decrease the width to negative 0.07 inches. This tuning concentrates on the positives and tries to minimize the negatives.

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M4 shoot house gameplay

M4 shoot house gameplay

Okay, so we're playing the Domination section. Shoot House: They brought back the Shoot to Ship playlist, one of my favorites, because most maps in Modern Warfare 2 are really not that good in my opinion; they're a little bit too slow for me, so I really like Shipment and Shoot. Hell, let's get B here.

There's one guy over there, but I'm not going to be able to get him right now. This gun has almost no recoil, but I'm sure that he has a scope or something, so he'll be able to get me even easier. Yep, having almost no recoil is really good for engagements like that. That opening on the window was very small, and yet we were able to get him as if nothing were The M4 with these attachments has almost no recoil; I'm not sure what's happening this game.

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