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I think we all know that the M4 is probably one of the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2. I already made a classic article on it not too long ago, and I'm coming back to this gun to make a class setup that fits more for like smaller maps like shipment, and this class setup I have brings the best of both worlds for small maps like shipment; it has a great recoil and decent control, the bolt velocity is pretty good, and it's just a great gun to use for small maps and even just medium-sized maps.

Let's go ahead and get into the M4 class setup and the gameplay that follows it.

Best m4 class setup mw2

Best m4 class setup mw2

Here when we go over the attachments, so for the muzzle, we did go for the um harpinger, our harpinger. I don't know how to describe that D20 muzzle, but it's going to help with our sound suppression velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness. The tuning for that was a little bit of bolt velocity and a little bit of recoil smoothness.

Now And you obviously know if it increases recoil. I know some attachments are supposed to do that, so yeah, you just gotta watch for what attachments, you know, because if we Max on the bull velocity, it might hurt things like the handling and damager, and stuff like that, so yeah, that's why I only tune things a little bit and not all the way like I used to, or like how other people do it, so yeah, the Hard Binger D20 is the muzzle we used; we also went with the F-TAC Ripper 56 under barrel for stability and accuracy.

best m4 class modern warfare 2

and recoil stabilization, the tuning for which we gave it a little bit of aiming idle stability, and the recoil stabilization. Now, I did test this, and I saw no difference between putting it here versus putting it up here, so I just maxed it out, and honestly, it feels pretty good, so we did use the 45-round magazine.

I know people are against using magazines, but especially with a map like Shipment, where you really can't just like reload all the time when you're facing like two or three enemies at a time, if you have the 45-round magazine, you don't have to reload as much, so that's why I went with the 45-round magazine.

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However, it does hurt things like the real quickness and sprint of fire speed and things like that, so if you don't want to go with the 45-round Mac. I'd recommend going with an optic or maybe even a laser, or if you want to rock a barrel, that will also slow down your movement speed and stuff like that too.

But yeah, just personal preference, but I think a 45-round mag is a solid choice for shipment. Ruger way one with this X10, or Zent Zen, grip, or at Zen 10 grip, I don't know how to say that man, this is going to help with our spinner fire speed and aiming on sight speed. We're again making this gun fit more for smaller and medium-sized maps like shipment, so you definitely wanted to sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed for the M4.

The tuning for that we went with a little bit of sprint to fire speed and a little bit of aimed on sight speed, and then there's that metal. Circle there last attachment with one with the choreo, prescio. Factory stock, this is going to help with our aiming stability and recoil control, um really just a stock to help again with just those few things because, um with the other attachments, we threw on it actually does slightly hurt our recoil, so yeah, it's definitely nice to have a stock like this that we can rock, and we actually didn't put any tuning on it, so just leave that the exact same, don't mess with any of the tunings unless you want to try it and see for yourself, so that is the M4 classic up there. Modern Warfare 2.

70+ kill m4 mgb nuke gameplay mw2

70+ kill m4 mgb nuke gameplay mw2

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THE NEW BROKEN M4 SETUP in MW2! Best M4 Class Setup - Modern Warfare 2.
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