News - Best Ram 7 Class Setup For Warzone Ranked Play. Ram 7 Loadout

best loadout

It is the best 95 War Zone player on your timeline. In today's article, we're taking a look at the Ram 7 assault rifle in War Zone. This is by far the best long range to use on any of the Resurgence maps, whether that's Von Del or Fortune SK. In today's article. But let's hop straight into it. So starting off with the first attachment, we're going to go ahead and put on the cus break.

This is increasing our horizontal recoil control and our firing aiming stability. For the second attachment, I want you guys to rock the Cronin headwind and long barrel. This is increasing our bull velocity range aiming ideals and the fire aiming stability for the underbarrel. I'm rocking the breu and heavy support grip.

This is helping with our gun kick control, the aiming ideal sway horizontal recall control, and the firing aiming stability. For the magazine, go ahead and toss on the 60-round mag, and for the stock, go put on the hvs. 3.4, Pad, this is going to give your gun insane movement. Make sure that you will be finessing the enemies, but that is it for the class up, man.

Try this class.

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