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Vacations are over, and welcome back to the classroom. In today's episode, we are going to be delving back into the magical world of Modern Warfare 2022, and I'm talking about multiplayer. I've been playing a lot of Warzone, and more specifically, Asika Island Resurgence, and I've been enjoying it.

Actually, I've been having a good time. There's definitely some room for improvement, but I've been enjoying it, and going back to multiplayer was a little bit of an adjustment. I actually had to change my sensitivity back higher but on Warzone I play at a lower sensitivity it's been an adjustment anyway what I want to do with today's article is go over my rankings for the shotguns in Modern Warfare 2022, , now I did this article back when the game first came out when we only had four shotguns but of course A lot has changed, and there have been some balancing patches. So with that being said, let's go ahead and dive into the list with the last one on the list, and that is the Lockwood 300.

Lockwood 300

Lockwood 300

Now, the Lockwood 300 is by no means a bad shotgun, but compared to the rest, it is just kind of falling flat in some ways. Now that the shotguns in this game can be pretty inconsistent, you really have to be aiming down sights, and even though the Lockwood 300 has the best one-shot kill range in class, if you get it out of range, it makes your aim down side speed super slow, and the likelihood of you getting that one shot can be a little bit unlikely in a lot of ways just because these shotguns, like I said, can be inconsistent.

And honestly, this thing kind of falls flat because you only get two shots, whereas with the other ones you get a lot more and it's a lot more forgiving. Like I said, this is by no means a bad shotgun; it's just that compared to the rest, this. One is just falling back slightly, and I have to point out that this is No.

basilisk pistol

725 from Marvel for 2019, so I know a lot of people went into this game really afraid of that, but they did a good job balancing it, and I think it's in a perfect spot right now, and it's plenty rewarding if you have the accuracy for it now. Let's go ahead and move on to the next one on the list, which is going to be the , Expedite 12.

Expedite 12

This one you probably didn't see coming, and why? That's not saying much, but in my opinion, it was the best. Now, what changed? Well. I've been getting used to the other shotguns; I've been using them more and more; I've had a ton of play time, and I figured that this one just kind of falls flat again compared to some of the others that we have now, but it's still a great shotgun.

Like. I feel like the jump from the Lockwood 300 to the expedite 12 is actually a pretty big one because the expedite 12, even though it sucks at hip firing, has a really good one-shot kill for its fiery Its fire rate isn't that fast, and it's kind of a hybrid between a really slow pump action and a fast-firing semi-auto.

It's kind of in that weird middle ground, and you really have to treat it like a slower shooting pump action and aim down sights and get your one-shot kills. Once you learn how to play like that, shotgun can be just so much better, and the added bonus is that if you do miss a shot, you can kind of follow up a little bit quicker; it's kind of your backup in case things go wrong, and you can't fire in someone's face pretty easily since it has a little bit faster firing rate than something like the Bryson 800.

But yeah. I think this shotgun is definitely a step up from the Lockwood 300, but it's not really my favorite go-to anymore simply because it does lack a little bit in the range department, and that weird fire rate can get you killed, especially if you're trying to hit fire and sort of spam away like this is a normal semi-auto.

So treat it like a slow-firing pump-action weird hybrid semi-auto thing and aim down sights, and you'll be amazed at what this thing can do. Like I said, it is not a bad shotgun at all; it's just that there are better ones on the list in my opinion.

Bryson 800 and bryson 890

Bryson 800 and bryson 890

On to the next pick, and that is going to be the Bryson 800 slash. The Bryson 890, which I am lumping these two together since they're very similar to the 800, has a little bit more range. 890 is better. Mobility is a little less, but range is very similar, so I'm going to lump them together, but these pump actions are great.

These are your solid, run-of-the-mill shotguns in a Call of Duty game. They are solid, of course, but they can be a little inconsistent like the other shotguns but this thing is, great It's got just as much range as a lock with 300, but you've got a lot of shells in the tube and a little bit of a slower fire rate, but you make up for it by having the ability to follow up shots, like a lot more shots, and you have great range and a great two-shock kill range.

The one-shot kill range is amazing, so, honestly, this is a solid shotgun. Like I said, this is your run-of-the-mill, standard pump action, and this thing really doesn't disappoint. I know it can be a little inconsistent if you're hip firing, but really, the Firey isn't that bad for a pump action, and it's got great range.

This is sort of the standard. This is sort of the gold standard for a shotgun and how it should be, at least in a Call of Duty game where you have to be accurate, and as long as you're accurate, you can get some nasty and disgusting one-shot kills with this thing, and it's a blast, and I love using this thing and getting it out for speed using that 890 Speed Build.

I always talk about trying that on for size. I have a few articles talking about it in Warzone and multiplayer, but it's one of my favorite builds. Overall, a really great shotgun, but as you've seen, we now only have one more shotgun to go, and as you probably guessed, the KV broadside is my number one pick for the best shotgun currently in Modern Warfare 2022.

Kv broadside

Kv broadside

It just had to be a semi-auto spam shotgun, didn't it? Well, this thing recently caught a nerf, and before the nerf, it was still even stronger, but after the nerf, dragon's breath did get its one-shot kill range drastically reduced, and it's just overall a little bit weaker, but the base gun, as in without dragon's breath when you're using just 12 gauge ammo, still has a small one-shot kill range that goes out to about the three- to four-meter mark depending on how you kitted out, which is already great for a gun that shoots this fast and is designed for close, and you can increase the fire rate to get even faster follow-up shots, which is crazy, and it makes it one of the most forgiving guns in the game up close.

I first reviewed and ranked the shotguns back when MW2 first came out, but since a bit of time has passed and we now have a new shotgun, I figured it was a good time to go back and re-rank the shotguns.
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