News - A New Shotgun Is Coming To Mwii And Warzone 2. 0 Soon. Season 2 New Weapon

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I'm constantly checking the guns to see if there's some new attachments for the shotguns or anything like that, or some new ammo types that get introduced if you're a member of Modern Warfare 2019's dragons. Breath would sometimes just kind of sneak in there, like on the R90, which was always super exciting to wake up to, but I always check, and in this update that we got for the season one reloaded, there were a few particularly interesting things, including: In the shotgun muzzle category, if you were lucky enough to see it, you noticed there were two muzzle attachments that were basically unfinished.

The title of it was wrong, like "comp," like "compensator," or something, so it was obviously not meant to be there, and they're gone now, and you can't actually go in and find them. Luckily, for us, we have some pictures we can reference because I was tagged in a post about it on Twitter by one of my buddies, and he was talking about whether or not this was maybe hinting towards a new shock, and I honestly didn't even think about it, but now that I am thinking about it.

I think it actually might be so. The big question here is: What is the shotgun that might be coming? What is this mystery? Shotgun, well, based on the attachments we saw, we can actually see that we might be getting what is known as the VEPRA-12, a semi-automatic shotgun. This is a Russian shotgun, basically the same as the Saiga 12, the S12, or the Origin 12.

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Whatever you want to call it, it's basically like the Russian counterpart for that, if you want to think about it, which is a semi-auto and it's a mag-fed shotgun, and I believe it actually comes from the AK platform. I think it uses the same receiver that the RPK uses, so if you don't have the RPK level or any of the AK platform guns, you might want to go do that before season two because we might be getting this gun during that time or maybe during season two reloaded, but the VEPR 12 is likely what we will be getting, and you can actually see the images of the real gun and the attachments that were in game look identical.

I mean, just spot on there. There is absolutely no way this can be it; it has to be these; things look exactly the same, so, in my educated guess, it's got to be the Veper 12, and a lot of other people on Twitter seem to think so as well, so that's pretty cool. It's basically going to be an Origin 12 of the game, which we don't have; we basically have the expedite 12, which is still pretty slow firing compared to most other semi-autos, but it does have a good range.

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just like you did with the Origin 12; it's going to have a big drum kit and it's going to use you, so you're probably going to be really slow, but it will most likely have that, and you'll just be far and away with no care in the world, and it's going to be great; it's going to be fun. You're probably going to get some rage along the way because that's just what these shotguns do; the semi-auto and full-auto shotguns they tend to buy tend to bring out the rage in people.

As for my hopes for this gun, I really hope it's well balanced. These semi-auto shotguns are a little bit easier to balance than some of the pump actions and stuff, but with the rate of fire, it's probably going to be a little bit weaker. I think it should still have one-shot kill potential like the Origin 12 actually was able to in Modern Warfare 2019 with a range of about three or four meters with some attachments.

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I think that's totally acceptable as long as it shoots that fast and not crazy fast, like a lot faster. I think that's okay, though. If you've seen articles of this gun, it can shoot ridiculously fast, so we'll just have to see how they balance it out. There will likely be some attachments to increase the fire rate, so get excited guys because that's pretty cool, but also in War Zone 2.

I'm afraid that this is probably going to end up being sort of the meta because that's typically how it goes most of the time. In war zone one, it was always sort of the spammy, shock in the origin was the menace, it was a Jack 12. The R90 was sort of in two shots, but it had a really quick follow-up.

Just those semi-auto shotguns tend to be the way to go generally, so I have a feeling when this is introduced. It will likely be the War Zone 2 shotgun meta; it's just a hunch, and of course I'm super excited to see how slugs work on it because I love slugs. I hope it's a one-shot kill out to a certain distance.

I can't wait to see dragon's breath explosive slugs, and who knows, maybe they'll introduce new ammunition types, but that's all. It's a little bit shorter. Already.

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