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All right, guys, starting in our season, we now have to show you seven XP glitches that'll get you max ranked super fast. Sometimes you've got to touch the dark side to get these XP glitches, if you know what I mean, and we're going to show them to you right now. Number one, this XP glitch will totally change your life all right.

All you need to do is make your way towards Outback Surround and Fortress once you have the hunted contract, which will put a POI marker on yourself and make you hunted by other players. Now, what you need to do is get yourself a helicopter and fly out there because this is the gulag and no other players will actually be able to harm you here.

Because of that, you'll just write out the contract as infinity. XP glitch at least 5000 XP each time, but that's just the basic one, friends; we have at least four more we're going to go over in today's article. You just have to follow along. You have to make your way to the middle safe from your location and activate that one first, according to the save crack rules.


Now, that just means going out and pressing the interact button, then going to the third safe from your location. After that one is done and activated, go to the first safe, but do not activate it immediately. You only have a few seconds left to do this, so we're going to get it done quick. What I'll do is drop your gun on top of the safe.

What I'll do is drop your gun on top of the safe, aim like you were doing the money glitch, and just casually aim between your gun and the safe and activate the safe cracker ability now. Once that explodes, you want to grab your gun. Now the gun will XP at 20, 000 XP, which levels it up 15 levels.

In one game, how easy was it that you could do it solo and it only took a few seconds to do it? This next XP glitch is actually really stupid and involves getting the most mileage on the map, and you can do this simply in one of the smaller vehicles with the AI. the sort of SUV or ATV, but actually the helicopter gets you the most mileage in the game; unfortunately, it uses the most fuel, so you'll have to be mindful of that when you try to land at a gas station.

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So, I recommend using the smaller vehicles and just driving circles around the map. This next XP glitch is a little tricky, but what we're going to do is actually drop our gun on it, on top of an orange loot crate. These are a little harder to find, but you'll find them, and they have better loot inside.

of it, and what you want to do is just drop your weapon on top and go get any contract Intel or whatever is nearby, so it has to be a little close. Once you get that, go back to where your loot box was with the gun on top and just wait until the contract gets to zero seconds. You can totally fail the contract too; that's one of the good parts now, once the contract is failed and you're at zero seconds.

Press and hold X on the loop box with it aligned with the gun. That gun will get you twenty thousand XP, leveling you up to like 15 levels in one game. It's that easy, folks. All right, all right, you know I said four; we're going to do one bonus for you. This XP glitch just involves you giving money to friends.


It's stupid it's just really, really stupid. It doesn't level up as fast; it's a small one, but it's a good one. For some reason, it's called "the gift of sharing XP," and it will level up your guns for no reason; it gives you a little bit of XP, but it does work, so there you go, there are four XP glitches, actually five in War Zone 2, that I just taught you.

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I got 255,000 XP in just one game using this method and 25,000 weapon XP for 3 different weapons! Here we found 7 NEW Warzone 2 XP glitches that no one has discovered yet. Be sure to try them before Infinity Ward patches them away. Merry Christmas.
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