News - 2 Shot "kastov 74u" Class Is Broken Mw2. Best Ak74u Class Setup" Warzone 2

ak74u mw2

For you the cast off someone, you guys already know the name, but before we get into the article. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas Eve to all of you who celebrate, and to those who don't, well, have a blessed day anyways. Have a good time anyways. All right, man, today we're going to be looking at this class because it's literally a class that.

I've changed it about a hundred times since getting on this game. In the game, mine is going up slowly, and the more it goes up, the more annoyed I get. Like. Almost every single attachment is tunable except for two of them, but we're going to get into that in just a second. So the battle for this one is the short attack.

330 millimeters, this one gives you recoil control, hip recoil control, and bullet velocity. Now, the reason I have this on is that, just for the recoil control, the hip recoil controller, and the bullet velocity are just a bonus to it when you go into the tuning and I turn the recoil smoothness all the way up and the ADS all the way up, you need some sort of recoil control on this gun, so that's why I threw this attachment on without it.


It's just it; it kind of bounces all over the place and stuff that's not that great; it's, whatever, right? The next attachment is the underbarrel, and this is the phase three grip. This one gives you even more recoil stabilization, aiming, idle stability, and hip fire accuracy, but when you go into the tuning, instead of putting the recoil stabilization all the way up.

I put the ads all the way up. On this one, I put aiming and idle stability all the way up as well, so this attachment is great again. It doesn't give you ads, but you could like them. Ads are a con on this one, I should say, as you can see right there, but you can make them as minimal as possible, so that's what I like about this one too.

You get that recoil, which is really nice on a small weapon like this, and it's just really good overall. This is like an SMG classic; the next one is the magazine, which is the 45-round mag. This one's nice because, for one, you've got 45 bullets, so you get to reload a lot less. It's better than having 30.

best class

But you also get a bunch of negatives. Okay, the negatives stink—the sprint stinks, the fire stinks, the reload stinks, quickness stinks, ads stink, movement stinks—but you really need those extra bullets, especially if you're playing on shipment and stuff. If you look at this gun like that, like in the ads, honestly, it's pretty solid, and they would spread the fire as well if I were to run and start shooting it.

is slower than most SMGs and stuff, but it's not that bad, and I always suggest that when you're running around corners and stuff, don't go sprinting, always turn your corners; let's say that's a corner right there. Run, and then turn and aim already, or you can even go down in the corner like this and start aiming like that; like, that's an enemy unless we can't see him from here; it's all a wall.

When you come down here, you go like that, and you can already start shooting at him right now; I'm bouncing all over the place. I'm not sitting in the right position. Let's do it; let's do it again. There we go, all right. Yeah, the next attachment on this one right here is going to be the rear grip, and that's the true tacking grip.

best class setup

One I love because you get the spring to fire and you get ads, but not only that, when you go into the tuning, you can tune these to the max as well, so if you put this attachment on and you leave it out, let's say close to zero and zero, let's say you leave it at zero zero, right imagine, it's at zero you go into the firing range and the ads and the Sprint to fire is a lot slower than it was before you can already see the ads and then even the Sprint the fire by the time you actually shoot It's really slow, so that's why I always suggest getting that tuning to make sure you're tuning your weapons to have the best possible things that they could have, so this one gives you "Sprint to Fire" and ads.

Tune it, and if that's all you care about, tune it to give it a lot more now if you put the recoil stabilization all the way up. All right, look how slow it's going to be to add that, is kind of bad, that's really bad. Let's say that all the way down there, a gun was already aimed down sights by the time I aimed down sights and started shooting, dude.

best kastov 74u class

not even going to be like, "Dude's going to kill me." It's ridiculous, so always get into that tuning and let me fix it fast before I get into my next match and forget to change it because you can't change that in game unfortunately, and yeah, the final attachments. Is the VLK stock list available?

This gives you even more ads and even more Sprint to fire. It gives you movement speed and hip recoil control, but now it takes away some aiming recoil control and aiming stability. yada Flinch resistance It's not noticeable in the game, but that's the class right there, guys. Go ahead and abuse it and do what you've got to do with it.

It's a really nice one. I'm just mad the mine's going up all right, man.

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