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Here is evidence—not foolproof evidence but just evidence—that youngsters are using a phantom overlay. The phantom overlay has not been online for a little bit before season 2 came out, and ever since season 2 came out, it is now 2 a.m. on the 8th of March, and the phantom overlay hasn't been out, online, or active for almost two days.

Right now, youngsters have not played a single-ranked game since Phantom Overlay has been down. Phantom overlay: 1:28 a. M they put out an announcement that they're back online. The youngsters haven't played for two days. As soon as Fet M is back online, he finishes his first game and assumes that, about 10 to 15 minutes before this announcement was out.

Phantom overlay was back online, so you know there is a little bit of a discrepancy in the time, but as soon as Phantom overlay is back online, youngsters are back on playing ranked, and for the past two days he hasn't been playing ranked at all. If he had his vods active, you'd be able to see he's been playing, making all these excuses, saying, Yeah, you know, he's been leveling up the new gun for two days.

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It doesn't make any sense, and his chat is just like White Knights. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are literally hired, and it's their job to ban people who accuse him of being a cheater or even ask questions like. Into throwing you off the scent and making people believe that they're not cheaters, they will do all sorts of things to make you believe that they're not cheaters, because that's lit; it's literally their job; they're making a living from it; they get sponsorships.

If it came out that they were cheating, they would lose a lot of their income. So, they are professional cheaters, and what comes with that is being professional at hiding it and being a covert cheater, so sometimes they'll throw a game just to make it look legit, like their number one priority is to look legit while you're cheating, so that means sometimes you throw a game.

Bang Youngster is back in ranked after two full days of not playing ranked. How obvious is it that I can't believe they get away with this? I wish people were smarter, but this just goes to show how dumb most people are, and while youngsters weren't playing, they ranked the people that are legit, like Lenon.

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Lenon, specifically, is definitely legit. I don't know if the people he I don't know if the people he play plays with, like Fever Gil and Symphony, are legit, but they've been playing. So even though FIFA kills Symphony, they might have cheated in the past; they can still play without the cheats, but youngsters can't play without the cheats.

You know what? If people were generally high-IQ and they called these people out, but they didn't get called out at all, all these cheaters have this kind of conspiracy together where they don't call each other out. It is it's just and that is, And then, on top of that, in Call of Duty, understand that it wouldn't be a wise business decision to start banning these cheaters.

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So they end up banning the cheaters that use them, like the free ones or the cheap ones like engine owning, but while Phantom overlay just sits there and they never get banned, these people, as long as they don't make a mistake, don't get banned using these ones because it's designed for the streamers, and Cod isn't going to ban the streamers, because that would be a bad business decision, and then further, they're not going to ban loads of thousands and thousands of their dedicated players, because that would also be a bad business decision.

At the end of the day. Cod is a business, and they're going to do what's best for the business, and until cheating becomes unbearable and people actually stop playing on mass, they're going to allow these cheaters to run rampant. And you know, realistically, these guys at the top of the leaderboard are all cheating, but specifically, the youngers and me are definitely using the Phantom overlay.

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All these other guys might be using something else—you know, something higher than one of these Triple A cheats. But youngsters and goo, there is evidence to suggest that they are using Phantom overlay, because while Phantom overlay was offline, they didn't play it all. As soon as Phantom Overlay comes online, they start playing again, whereas all the others they've been playing, you know, are capable of playing without cheats, so they did.

Aiden, you can see that he's probably been playing with cheats. You can still do a bit of legit, and you know you can still go positive, and I am speaking from experience. I know this world; I've got experience with it. I've got plenty of people that I play with who do this [__], and this is the game to do it secretly, and it's just very sad.

One of the biggest cheat providers has been down for almost 2 full days, Yangstaz and one of the main guys he plays with have not played ranked since this provider has been offline. As soon as the provider which markets itself as a cheat for streamers is back online, Yungstaz is back playing ranked.
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