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Before my days of streaming Call of Duty, I actually used to play pubg on the console, and I did it because it was a refreshing way of playing pubg. Although the performance was terrible, the game felt fairly shoddy, and my PlayStation 4, quite frankly, might have turned into a Boeing 747. It was the only way I could play Pubg without running into Cheetah because Pubg was inundated with a severe number of them, and very recently I have done a series of longer live streams during Call of Duty where I have run into a number of obvious cheaters to the point where Ricochet anticheat is very clearly not working, and there are associated behaviors with what this anticheat is doing that clearly identify that it's not working as intended.

I recently did a 12-hour live stream, and during that 12-hour live stream. I think I ran into, in and around the region of. I'd say, 8 to 12, if not more, cheaters, and these were just the obvious ones, the ones that were out of region aimbotting. The ones who had killed all of us, and it was very clear that they were cheating in some way or another, and ones that we were able to report, and hopefully some of them ended up actually being kicked and hopefully permanently banned.

turn off xbox crossplay

And it made me realize that these were just the obvious ones, these were the guys who were very obviously aimbotting these were the guys who were spin botting on nuke elements to try and take us out the kind of guys who were very clearly using things like war zone agent, to see who was in their Lobby and actually try and Hunt us down and I have seen people go as far to stream snipe us using cheats to try and stop us from making progress including somebody whose username was quite literally hacker and all of this has made it fundamentally clear to me that Ricochet antiche isn't good enough it isn't fit for purpose it isn't fit for the scale of something like Call of Duty or Call of Duty war zone, and it's time to end crossplay, there is no reality now where console players can feel safe playing war zone there's no reality now where console players will be on a Level Playing Field and there is no reality now where cons players stand any kind of normal chance against what we witness on PC.

warzone crossplay

And I say this as somebody who has a 490 or a 93900. A 240-Hz monitor and all of the creature comforts that make PC gaming enjoyable. I am ready pretty much at this point to give it all up in order to play on PlayStation 5 with crossplay off because it's pretty much the only way I can guarantee I won't run into people cheesing, and it's been a very frustrating experience because Call of Duty at the moment is actually in a decent spot the audio has vastly improved the gameplay Loop is quite enjoyable and The Meta is actually being reshuffled every couple of weeks to keep things fresh and original and I've really appreciated that I've actually really enjoyed playing war zone recently and the only time my experience has been soured is when my team is wiped by people who are cheating, and it's almost sad to the extent that we have gotten used to having to spam report players who are very clearly cheating and dying to them deliberately.

In order to try and get them out of the lobby in order to try and win the game, that is now a normalized behavior that we have run into, and I've also seen normalized behaviors of us killing squads, whether they're out-of-region players or regular EU players, who obviously get upset that they've lost a gunfight.

where to turn off crossplay

Instantly turn on whatever cheats they have and come back and try to kill us. It's happened very frequently. I have taken out teams who are very clearly playing from China or other regions in Asia and who have literally just decided to rage hack immediately after being beaten. But why do I know that this situation won't improve?

Because I've done a lot of research on the topic. I've spoken to people who have obviously admitted to cheating, including people who have killed me while cheating. They came into my chat and decided that they were going to go on a rant about how they weren't cheating and then finally admitted to it, and I've even spoken to them about their experiences.

And how hard it's been for them to get banned or how easy it's been for them to create new accounts, and I've spoken to people who have had accounts going up for months, people whose accounts have not been banned, and people who have actually got multiple, if not 50 to 100, accounts available for them to use on any given basis, but that's always going to be a problem for people who want to cheat, and the number of accounts that they have and how they'll manage to do it is always going to be a preliminary issue for any game, especially one that's free to play, but the problem is how Ricochet operates.

Now it's fundamentally flawed in a couple of ways which we'll talk about but there are also observations that I've made which show me that it's clearly not working now the reason Ricochet is fundamentally flawed is that this isn't an always on antige and a good example of that is valerent Vanguard whenever you boot up your PC valerent Vanguard antiche is running it will tell you everything you've done on your PC it will see if you've messed with files it will see if you've injected something into an exe, and it will instantly and permanently ban you and you have to have that running every single time your PC launches, even when you're not playing valerin in order to play the game and this is the most effective antiche that exists on PC, it's not perfect there are still bumps in the road some people still manage to get round it but it's widely regarded that Vanguard by valerant is universally the best approach there is Call of Duty's antiche is not always on and it's very easily circumvented.

And from some of the research I've done it's literally as simple as effectively providing a red herring the antiche can be circumvented whilst Call of Duty isn't running and then when the game is forced to run it can be provideed false information or effectively completely misled or circumvented entirely so that people aren't detected, it's been recently covered and reported that call of dut's antiche takes a series of screenshots that some cheap providers have been able to get around, now I don't know whether this is legitimate information or not but it's worth mentioning as far as I'm aware no other anti-che battle ey easy antiche or other anti- cheets generally do a screenshotting, system they don't send screenshots of data to servers.

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