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My me, yeah, there's no mercy in this world. Just a hungry, thirsty person in different versions, each doing up that [__] worsens. Why pull back a curtain and you'll see the different Burman We all have different burdens that all seem to cause disturbance; do me a favor. Don't treat me like a neighbor.

I don't need the different flavors of your problems just because I have my own issues. I need a comb to get through it. I don't need to grow with you; just go get the wrong tissue. I feel like. I'm, and that's the end of the song. Next time, trust me, there's nothing wrong. I just need to carry on with CU.

Society's put there to make you listen to what they give. Don't ask me a question. Yeah, don't ask a question about your lid. I need to run away from this and go get off the grid. I feel like my brain is overloaded, man. I'm losing it. Don't let them tell you what to do, man; they don't know.

I don't give a [__]. I'm on my way up. I have a lot of [__] to say, so I'm going to do this every day. I'll be writing things until I'm buried, six feet deep, but my body, because my messages are ESS, so they put them on display. Yeah, with certainty, I have a sense of urgency—a message for eternity for everyone.

Interally, I had some people burning me, but now they [__] Ley I ain't the one to [ __ and now they are looking nervously, and I don't really care what you think of me respectfully. You can kick rocks if you think you [__] better see; I will make you an enemy. You are so bad that you are going to need some therapy.

I got the [__] recipe. I've been cooking up head leave a legac you be looking when you standing right next to me. I'm 5 [__] put up. 10, [__] My way, you can go kick. I'm stacking bricks up for what I want to make; give a [__]. What you say, I'm doing [__] my way, so you KCK I'm stack breaking up build what?

I'm coming out with a statement: You really, Chang man, all your music and arrangements you don't know [__]. Shut your mouth; you can. I'm the same that got up from the basement, 100 SS, 100 weeks. Change your experience, develop intelligence, and develop patience. I'll do it all again because I never feel complacent.

Let's keep the good vibes. Positive energy is contagious. I'm never looking back because I made my life this passionate. A college graduate suppressed all his talents, yet he found a way to go and change. Become an advocate for taking control of your life. Go out and battle. If you think you have a dream to achieve, get after it.

Get out of your head and [__] capture it. You have one life to master. Don't keep up with your future. We all start as losers. We're all late bloomers. got to strugle through the, you say, yeah, I'm going to do [__] my way so you can go kick I'm St.; what I want to, I don't give a [__] what you say, I'm doing [__].

You can see on the don't K the growing up in basement online a whole new generation. I'm going to make M, so you better go take it the old way. They need a new one; replacements can't contain it. We're changing lives, yeah, in call, generation to make all the demons, yeah, we were, but I think that we, all with the old, know that we call me like go, yeah.

I think that we all have enough Dem with the old plan. They know that we're calling their blood. It's too late to try to contain it. As a generation fueled by creation, we live our lives on a small screen. As a nation, we control the airway without negotiation. I refuse to think we need to save something good that will come from creation, and when we think that the world is too.

I wake up to a little bit of dro on my P and feel like it's going to be a bad day. I'm tired of [__] and theop a hit, yet damn, ain't that great. I don't want to go to work because my boss is a jerk, and I'm not even that paid. I need a change in my life because I don't feel alive, and there's nothing that makes me happy.

Hold my beer for a minute. I'm about to quit my job. Cash for a ticket. I'm going on a trip. I don't plan a visit. I'm going to stay there till I feel like I'm winning it all, and this is just the beginning. I need a big change to help me feel like living. I need a b-swing home run. I'm, and I'll never look back.

Moving on until I get it all. We all have dreams, but what you are going for, what you are going, do going, do going,

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