News - Warzone 2i - Deep Cover. Spy Infiltration. 4k 60fps. Mission Gameplay

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Nwell Mar, or it travels fast only if he wants it to. If you think he's working for the Kremlin, I wouldn't be surprised. I have a contact. You might know the answer. I need transport. Where AR clav military base It's heavily guarded. Can you do it to stop Mararo? Of course, I need to get in and back out.

I could go upside-down quickly. I specialize in upside-down That's what I'm afraid of. Who's your contact? Yuri Vov's on the payroll. Yuri never took a dime. That's Yuri when do we leave? Watch you! The Yankee eyes on the base are approaching now, Copy Watcher; shit's about to get real. Keep a low profile.

Yuri should have sent you his location by now: the Affirmative AR Administrative Building near the hangar. Look for a satellite dish on the roof. Copy the dish on the roof. Yuri won't have much time before they notice he's gone quick and dirty; neither of us can afford to be compromised. I know it works well, and I'll do my best to help.

You're approaching the time you need to get inside. I have a problem and need security key card deck access. Good thing you're a spy. Snag a card from an officer, anyone entering or exiting, like we have one good call. Look for an officer leaving the building. See a major leaving the entrance.

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He's not alone. Wait until he's alone and do what needs to be done for his key. The KMA is not behind these chemicals, but that doesn't mean Marov isn't working with Moscow. There are extremists in both our governments; watch them come again. Bravo, last one there, Bravo, your signals are weak.

Come again in the blind. We have two missiles incoming for the Arlo base. They have warheads. You are getting out. This could be it's; there's another one coming. We have to go L together as well. That well come into your eyes for now missile attack chemical Warhead, get to the high ground and look for a way up to the roof for extraction.

People are dying down there. We went our separate ways. I hope he makes it.

Agents, rejoice! We've successfully navigated the complexities of 'Deep Cover,' the fifth mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. In this thrilling espionage adventure, we embraced our role as a spy, skillfully infiltrating a crowded military base. No one-person army antics here; it's all about staying calm, analyzing soldier behavior, and stealthily finding our contact.
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