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Here is how to easily complete the sabot mission from Act One Tier 3 of the Monare 3 Zombies missions. I'm going to explain how to complete this mission quickly and easily, as this involves completing an ether extractor contract, killing 15 meries, guarding the extractors, shooting down a reinforcement helicopter, and X filling with the uncommon ether tool plans.

It sounds very complicated, but I'll explain how to do it quickly and easily. If you find this useful, be sure to drop a like on the article and check out my other Mon 3 Zombies guides, cam guides, and weapon XP guides if you guys need help with any of that. Let's quickly start out with an important class setup, and then we'll talk about how to do each part of the mission.

Like I said, at the end of it, you're going to permanently unlock the schematic for the Uncommon Ether tool, so it's pretty cool and pretty useful, so it's definitely worth completing.

Class setup mw3 zombies

complete an aether extractor contract

this mission, so starting with the class, I'd recommend putting on a launcher, such as the RG80, for monifer 3, but you can put on any of the monifer 2 launchers if you want.

I would highly recommend a launcher, and I'll explain in a minute why you could also put on something like an assault rifle or an LMG. In fact, it's probably good to have both, but if you're choosing one or the other, I'd highly recommend putting on a launcher. If you haven't got it as a contraband weapon, I'd recommend putting it as your insh weapon.

Just so you have it. I'd also recommend putting on any perks or equipment you might need, ideally some stms, at least one self-revive. A two- or three-plate vest and a medium or large backpack, plus any kill streaks you might need—just things like that generally—to stay alive, so that's for the class.

I'd also highly recommend trying to Pack-A-Punch at least once, upgrading your weapon rarity to at least uncommon or rare with the Ether tool, or buying that rarity off the wall. I highly recommend upgrading your weapon a little bit and having that gear; it's not essential, but it'll make it easier before we get into the article.

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Task 1: complete an aether extractor contract (mw3 zombies)

Task 1: complete an aether extractor contract (mw3 zombies)

So starting off with task one, which says we need to complete an ether extract contract, basically, the ether extractor contract is the contract with the little rocket icon you need to disable some ether extractors.

Task 2: kill 15 mercenaries guarding the extractors (mw3 zombies)

exfil with the uncommon aether tool plans

In the tier one contract you know the easier one it's going to be three in the tier 2 one it's going to be five and for the tier 2 one it's going to have more time to do it but I'd highly recommend completing this in the tier one zone as it's easier enemies have less Health there's less extractors, to take down that kind of thing so I'd highly recommend doing it in the tier one zone if you can then the second task says we need to kill 15 meries guarding the extractors, now naturally you'll kill these 15 Mercer guarding the extractors along the way as these are the enemies that are in contract so you will kill them just watch out as there's lots of them they have good aim they can easily injure you or down you so take cover when you need heal replenish, armor reload Etc when it's sensible. Just make sure you're not running and gunning you only have about 3 minutes to complete the contract but rushing will kill you easily so make sure you take it a bit slower and a bit more steady if you bring a launcher into the contract like I suggest you can clear out the enemies much more easily than shooting them with a weapon so it's definitely worth bringing that in if you can you can just you know keep launching at different areas when you get close to each extractor, and you'll instantly take out most of the enemies some of them have a lot of Health some of them you've got like snipers and stuff they're all quite a good aim they can do a lot of damage so it's much easier with that launcher So moving on to the third task, it says you need to shoot down a reinforcement helicopter, and I believe this is where there's going to be some of the issue and more people are going to struggle with this, so basically, there will be about two helicopters that will spawn into the map during this contract to drop off more enemies.

Task 3: shoot down a reinforcement helicopter (mw3 zombies)

Task 3: shoot down a reinforcement helicopter (mw3 zombies)

You'll need to destroy at least one of them. You can use an assault rifle or an LMG. But again i highly recommend the launcher, as it's much quicker and easier to destroy them this way, so basically during the contra. You want to keep an eye out for when the helicopter, flies in and at that point you want to get ready to take the helicopter, out it's only there for the time it drops some enemies in so once they've dropped in it will then fly away so you've not got too long you need to be quick with it and it's kind of stressful because you've also got to watch the enemies on the ground and you've got to watch the time and you've got to try and disable these ether extractors so there's lots to do but the helicopter, is quite important so make sure you do that if you don't end up doing it all in one game that's fine you can just try again with another contract but ideally it's best to do it all in one contract, now when the helicopter flies in I say get ready to take it out with the RG l80, launcher I used it needed about five shots to destroy it and you'll know when it actually counts for shooting down that helicopter, because it will say destroyed.

Vehicle as like one of the yellow medals; if it doesn't say that, then you've not done enough damage, and therefore this task won't count, so once you've done that, that's great. You'll probably then need to just finish the rest of the contract. For me, I just need to do like one more ether extractor by that point or maybe two, so obviously you just want to focus on that now.

Task 4: exfil with the uncommon aether tool plans (mw3 zombies)

Task 4: exfil with the uncommon aether tool plans (mw3 zombies)

For , the fourth and final task says you need to fill in the uncommon ether tool plans. So basically, by completing this contract, I Mission will get you the permanent unlock for the schematic for the uncommon ether tool, like I said, so you can permanently upgrade your weapon. Rarity is uncommon with these plans.

MW3 Zombies SABOTEUR Mission - Exfil with the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans Get Aether Tool Schematic. Here is the fastest way to complete the Saboteur mission Act 1 Tier 3 mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies fastest way to shoot down a reinforcement helicopter fastest way to get the uncommon aether tool plans. This saboteur mission guide will show you how to shoot down a reinforcement helicopter during an aether extracter contract and where to find the uncommon aether tool plans in MW3 Zombies Where to find the uncommon aether tool schematic in MW3 Zombies in order to complete this challenge of Act 1 Tier 3 missions and therefore how to get the uncommon aether tool plans In MW3 Zombies.
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