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If you guys don't need to get your hands on the rare ether tool schematic in Mon 3 Zombies to permanently upgrade your weapons to do more damage, you need to complete a mission in order to get it. However, I'm going to show you how to get it as quickly and easily as possible in Mon 3 Zombies right now.

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Exterminator mission explained.

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complete a spore control contract

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Let's get straight into this guide. In order to unlock the schematic for the rare ether tool so that you can permanently have access to it to upgrade your weapons without having to find the tools in the game, which can be quite a pain. You need to complete a specific mission, and the one you need to complete is in Act 2, so if you haven't yet completed Act 2, you'll need to do some of the early ones.

I'll have guides for that, but once you get to Act 2, you need to get all the way to Tier 5, and in Tier 5, there's a specific mission called Exterminator, which is mission three of Act 2 in zombies, and there are three particular tasks. For those tasks, you need to complete a specific mission. Do it under a certain amount of time, and then xill.

I'll explain how to do that for each of the tasks, but just before I give you guys a quick class setup, that's going to be helpful for any of you that might struggle a bit more if you're doing this solo. If you need a bit more help, then these tips are going to be helpful for you, so we'll quickly talk about the class, and then we'll talk about each of the tasks in this mission, so for the class.

Class setup mw3 zombies

Class setup mw3 zombies

I'd recommend having on any weapon with at least an uncommon or rare ether tool. Equip it to upgrade its rarity.

Ideally, at least Pack-a-Punch, level one or higher; it doesn't have to, but that can definitely help as you can kill zombies more easily. My examples would be like an SMG or an assault rifle. If you guys don't know what gun to use, then check out my recent guide with the top 10 best weapons for zombies.

Some of them are very overpowered, so they are definitely worth checking out if you need them. Although that isn't necessary, get any weapon you're happy with. Ideally, put an ether on and pack-a-punch it to at least level one with a crystal or from the machine. You also may want a couple of perks like Stam Up, Speed Cola, or something like that, and it's worth having some decoy grenades on and at least a self-revive.

Maybe a two- or three-plate vest and a medium or large backpack Those things are probably a little bit overkill, but it never hurts to have them. The one thing that you probably do want is a medium or large backpack, and that's because you'll need to store a bunch of inhibitory devices, which I'll talk about in a minute, so you need a bit more space in your backpack.

It's also worth having on either something like the energy mine-filled upgrade to clear hordes of zombies or The Ether R to kind of stay hidden while you're doing the contracts. It's up to you; that's pretty much the class. You want, as soon as you've got that head into the game, to get all the bits you need and head straight for this mission. So in this mission, there's three tasks.

Task 1: complete a spore control contract (mw3 zombies)

Task 1: complete a spore control contract (mw3 zombies)

The first one says you need to complete a sports control contract, so these will obviously be completed. Naturally, when going on this mission, what you want to do is head to the sports control contract phone, which is the little egg symbol, so find one of those.

They can be completed in any zone; it doesn't matter which tier; however. I'd ideally recommend doing it in tier one zone, as there's less zombies and less health; it's easier to complete, so what you want to do is obviously head to this contract and activate it, and that brings us on to the second task.

Task 2: complete the contract in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds (mw3 zombies)

Task two says you need to complete the contract in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Now, as soon as you start the contract, the timer will start to count down, so it's going to do it right away as soon as you pick up the contract. 2 and a half minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but if you follow these tips, it's plenty of time, and I'll explain what you need to do.

complete the contract in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Once the contract is started, you want to head to the area with the six blue circles on the map as soon as possible. These are the different spores; there'll be a toolbox with some inhibitor devices in it. If that doesn't make any sense, don't worry. Just go to the toolbox, open it, and there'll be a bunch of devices inside, which are inhibitors.

They're tactical equipment, and what you want to do is equip the first two to your tactical equipment slot on your person, and then you want to stow them in your backpack. Ideally, this is why it's worth having a bigger backpack, and the reason you do that is that it saves time having to come back to pick up more.

Some people think you have to do that, but you don't. You can stow them all in your backpack, so just do that. It's much easier now. I'd recommend stowing your tactical equipment in your backpack before heading to the toolbox. As this saves time, you don't have to move it about; you've already got it.

exterminator mission

Start with your backpack and pick up the first two inhibitors right away. Just save a little bit of time. You don't have to do that once you've got the inhibitors; what you want to do is go to the six spores and place one inhibitor down in the purple ring around each of the spores. To start off, once you place down an inhibitor, what it will do is take a short time—about 20 seconds or so—for the inhibitor.

MW3 Zombies EXTERMINATOR mission - Obtain Rare Aether Tool Schematic and Exfil Aether Tool Unlock. Here is the fastest way to complete the Exterminator mission Act 2 Tier 5 mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies fastest way to complete a spore control contract fastest way to get the rare aether tool schematic. This Exterminator mission guide will show you how to Complete a Spore Control Contract and where to find the rare aether tool plans in MW3 Zombies Where to find the rare aether tool schematic in MW3 Zombies in order to complete this challenge of Act 2 Tier 5 missions and therefore how to get the rare aether tool plans In MW3 Zombies.
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