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In today's Part 2 article, we're taking a look at the top 5 fastest-killing guns you guys can use. So for our first game today, we're going to be taking a look at the F-TAC, Recon. This is an incredibly OP gun here to use in multiplayer, and I highly suggest using it, but this is my general overview of these attachments.

We're going to run the Bull Rider 16.5; this can give us a massive increase to our bullet velocity and recoil, control damage range, and hip fire accuracy, which are pretty much all really great things we need to have on a marksman rifle because obviously this thing is semi-automatic. So you've got to make sure that every shot counts, that it gets there as fast as possible, and that it does the most damage possible.

So we got that in the tune, and that's going to be a plus point of 42 and a negative point of 25. Um, now moving on down here, we're going to go to the unibrow section for the F-TAC Ripper 56. This can help us out with aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization. I just definitely got to stabilize the thing out because you're going to be spam firing it, so you have to use the FTEC 56.

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The tune on this is going to be a negative 0.54 and a plus point of 21. After that, we're going to go down here to the "under barrel" section, not the "underground," of the magazine, and we're actually going to throw on the 15-round magazine. So, this comes with about a 5- or 10-round stock; we've got to definitely bump that up here a little bit, just because.

I mean, when you're spam-firing this thing, you come up against multiple people, and at a certain point in time, it does become incredibly beneficial to have extra rounds in the magazine specifically. After that, we're going to go up in here and run the FSS OLED V laser in the laser category of frame rate, on-site speed, aiming stability, and sprint fire speed.

The only con to this thing is that the laser is visible in ads, which I don't really care about just because this thing is so unbelievably effective. You know. I just don't really care that people can see my laser when I aim down, considering I'm usually running around anyway and pretty aggressive, so by the time they see it, they're most likely dead anyway.

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And then for our final attachment here, we're going to go to the optic section. We're on the Cronin Mini Pro, so you don't necessarily have to run the Corona Mini Pro; we don't have to run an optic, but I don't really like that. The tune on this thing is negative 1.84, and because you have to be super, you know, pinpoint accurate with this thing for it to actually be good and have a fast ttk, you definitely should be running something to make your iron sights a little bit clearer as they are pretty obtrusive, or intrusive, in your line of sight, and I don't really like that, but the tune on this is negative 1.84.

And all the way maxed out there on the bottom, that far distance to push that red dot as far away from us as possible, so that's my full build there for the F-Tech. Recon hopes you all enjoy our next gun. Here today, we're taking a look at the Fennec 45. Here's my kind of General base overview of my setup here on the Fenik 45.

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This thing works incredibly well—well, like I said, in multiplayer and in a war zone, but let's get into it. First thing, we're going to go in here to the muzzle, and we're going to be running the Lacerta compensator for horizontal recoil control. After that, we're going to go down here to the underground section, where we're on the phase three grip for aiming idle stability for accuracy and recoil stabilization.

This and the f-Tech Grouper 56 are always just fantastic under barrels to be able to run, so I really like that the tune on this is going to be a plus point of 57 and a negative point of 19. Now let's move on up here to the laser section. We're on the VLK laser at 7 mW for aim-down sight speed, aim stability, and sprint to fire speed.

This is such a good attachment to be able to run, like I said, between this and the FSS. These are just like two top-tier attachments that basically do the same thing under a different name, but they all just, you know, work incredibly well, and of course there's no tune on this because it's a laser, sir.

cod mw2 best class

After that, we're going to go down here into the magazine section on the Fennec Mag 45. We definitely got to run the Fennec Mag 45 because with that 30-round stock, you're going to blow through it incredibly fast, so increasing that to 45 rounds allows you to take on a lot more people with a single magazine and utilize the fast TTK of this gun.

Um, and for our final attachment, we're going to go into the stock section and run the Agile Assault T7 stock, which is going to give us sprint speed and walking speed. Crouch movement speed and aim down sight speed, so all really great things here to speed this gun up without like chalking up its overall usability, the F-Tech stock cap would definitely do that, so don't recommend running that; just go for this and it works out beautifully, and then the tune on this is me a negative 3.10 and a negative 1.47, so that's my full build there for the Fenning 45.

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Now let's jump into a gun that does get quite a bit of love here in multiplayer, and that is the Chimera. So here's kind of my general overview of these attachments. There's not really a good place in this thing to ever put your face cam when you're trying to do these articles, so I apologize for that.

It's just kind of how they've designed the game as is, but first thing: the Muzzle category. The Tempest GH-50 So this is going to help us out with that recoil control; it doesn't actually show you right here for whatever reason. The tone of this is going to be negative. 0.39, to plus point 35 We just got to really stabilize the gun out here, as you guys can see right below my face cam with vertical recoil and control.

My bad, it's not horizontal, but it's just vertical, as this thing does have quite a bit of vertical recoil. Now let's move on down here to the underbelly section for the Ftech Ripper 56. Once again. It's one of those guns that has, you know, a pretty sizable amount of recoil if you don't stabilize it, so this is pretty necessary.

modern warfare 2 best class

The tune on this has a plus point of 39 and a negative point of 13, so give it a try. Now let's actually move back all the way back to the rear grip section of the Bruin, Gr 500, This can help us with that Flinch resistance. Tune in; this is going to be a negative 0.74 and a negative 0.39. We're really trying to maximize our overall quickness with this gun, and then for the last attachment, we're going to go with the Rage Eight stock.

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