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All right So it was until recently when they had their season one update, and spoiler alert: nobody liked it. Nobody likes this update. Nobody is interested in this update, and it honestly seems like people are slowly but surely enjoying Warzone 2 as the game progresses. Honestly, guys, let's talk real quick.

I'm not surprised from the time that Ozone 2 was revealed and all of those content creators and stuff made their articles on Warzone too. I already saw the direction that was going—you know, Infinity War—and Activision wanted to take this game personally. For me, I was never really a big war zone player.

I played Warzone for, I think, maybe five or six days of play time, which is the sun, and I got a couple of kills. It was fun, but the only reason why War Zone One was successful was because it basically did what Call of Duty did, but in a battle royale, you know, in Space 2, it was trying to be something different, wasn't it?


Who was trying to make this generic battle royale game? It's taken hints from Apex and hints from Pubg and stuff, and they're really trying to change the economics of War Zone 2, which to me is a cerebral decision. Why on Earth would they do that, you know, because as I said, the only reason Zone One was successful was because they put a Call of Duty spin on it, but War Zone 2 is not that, so let's talk about In this recent update, they brought some brand new patch notes and also brought a brand new game mode, which is kind of like a spin on Rocket League.

I'm guessing, because the World Cup is currently going on by the way Argentina is running. Now, when I looked at what the Warzone community was complaining about, it was really the exact same stuff since the game dropped. You know, players are saying that the times for killing in Warzone 2 are way too fast, there isn't enough cash in the game, it isn't as easy to get streaks, weapons, and armor, and snipers like this shite for example, snipers doing one-shot headshots, which to me is crazy because quality is known for its sniping right, like if you snipe somebody in the headshot they should die; that's what Cudd is known for.

is warzone 2 dead

Maybe different Battle Royales are different, like Apex and Pubg don't have the exact same philosophy. But Warzone 2 is a Call of Duty Battle Royale, so why would they change that? I don't know if there are also a lot of bugs in Warzone 2, which honestly is a completely different topic because when I first played Modern Warfare 2, for example, were so many bugs off rip the, data game dropped there were so many bugs there were still bugs in Modern Warfare 2.

I know there are more bugs in War Zone 2. This might be a little bit controversial to say, but I really feel like Warzone 2 is going to die. You know, I've already been seeing streamers playing Wars on One, which is crazy. I don't really care too much, to be honest, because I don't really play Warzone 2 anyway.

I think I played like two games of Warzone 2, and I hopped off it. It just wasn't fun, but I don't want to see this game die. I don't want to see this game die because it still has a lot of potential. You know, I feel like it wasn't one was a very fun game, and all they needed to do was just improve.

is warzone 2 dying

Based on what one already had, I'm not sure why they tried to reinvent the wheel and change the game; actually, I don't know why I do know why they did it. They wanted to appeal to casual players, point blank. It wasn't the right time to kill a sniper. Now. I'm not saying that it's a wrong thing, because obviously you should want to protect casual players because they make up the majority of the player base, but again, you cannot change a game so drastically.

Expect people not to be concerned, not to be worried, or to like it. Of course, players are not going to like the game if it's so different from the first one. I mean, that's just common sense, right? I've seen so many articles of streamers talking about their Warzone experiences and why they don't like this update.

I heard swag talk about it, from Dr. I mean, if we take a look at Apex Legends and Valoron Battlefield Halo, all of these FPS games are going through some serious shite. What the hell is going on in fps what's, going on with these FPS games? Why are all of them dropping the ball so badly right now?

is warzone 2 good

Can somebody tell me why, because I really don't know? I might make a completely separate article on this because, as somebody who really grew up playing FPS games, it's kind of sad to see the state of FPS games right now, especially games like Warzone. Apex, and Valerun, and an Overwatch and Battlefield, and Halo?

For some reason, this game is still incredibly successful. I think Modern Warfare 2 made like 1 billion dollars in two days, so even though all of us complain about these games, we still buy them. Why do we still buy them? Why do we still complain so much and still buy them, like these companies are winning?


I made a article a while back talking about why article games don't feel the same anymore and, truly, because article games right now, especially a game like Call of Duty or a game I could play on Warzone, are different. Games are really driven by making money, and all these companies really want to do, to be honest, is make money; their concern really and truly isn't about making the best product or the highest quality product, which is why so many games launch with all of these bugs because they know that all of the players are gullible enough to just eat that shite up and buy skins and spend money on these games even.

Explain that shite to me. Explain that shite to me.

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