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A crashed voice recorder that is a crucial part of the internal article from passenger cell phones could also shatter after a missile attack on an AR military base, resulting in massive casualties when they look to be a possible terrorist. Investigating intentions hasn't been done; I just got it written all over it.

He's done more damage in 72 hours than Con did in 5 years. Without him, that airliner went down in my country. It was no accident. I need to get to that crash site and prove it. IO Data shows that it was a flight out of Covia Bound for SOI; it lost contact in this region. That's all I need; you'll have to get there before the authorities arrive.

It's not the authorities. I'm worried about good luck. F crash site over the ridge. Shumak, somebody beat us here. The Russian PMC's con group, Macarov, doesn't blame us for this either. We need to find out what happened on that flight. Show the world that it wasn't us. I won't have them call us terrorists again.

What are you doing down there? So far, there are at least 20 guns in that area. What do you need for me? Overwatch, take some high ground, and cover me, yes. Ma'am, you are in a position. Airm eyes on multiple Cony squads picking at the wreckage look like they're securing the site. The Ulf didn't do this; we need to find anything we can to prove it.

I ran a tracer to look for signals in the area so we could locate passenger cell phones and track down the flight recorder copy on the move. I'll relay what I see. Echo They're regrouping outside; stay alert. I got something; let's hope it's useful. I've got an incoming email sending the footage to you.

What do you see? They're yelling and rushing that someone has a gun. It Black Box located found the flight recorder frying it I will not allow con to use it to frame the Ulf got more con repositioning on you how will you sure far airm you with me always kilo fry, it no signals left we got whatever was here crash site, sanitized let's get off the X we link up at that infill, point copy that.

Go what's next. We need to find where those con came from and where they're headed. I want you to treat them. Do not engage unless absolutely necessary. I'll keep my distance. Try not to get caught this time. A former UL left soldier wearing a suicide vest on a Russian airliner was forced to do so.

Samara, who was a good fighter, joined my forces during the occupation and left to raise her family. What happened at the crash site was that they were planting evidence to frame us and collecting the rest. We killed as many as we could and took the phones, and the Black Box wiped it clean. Smart, you stopped Macaov from controlling the narrative.

If Cony operatives were on that plane, they got off somehow, but Mov wouldn't leave that loose end. Some people will believe the Ulf was responsible, thanks to you. No one can prove it; people will speculate, but you beat Marov at his own game. It's not enough. I sent Alex after Cony; if they're in Urzikstan, he'll find their copy when I regroup with 141.

Whatever we know, you'll know, and yes, I'm sorry about Samara. Brothers, I do come right now, Captain [__]. Ultra, nationalists security feed from the airport passenger had a boarding pass for flight 761 fake passport more inside job more likely no one stopped him walk in the bloody. Park Do, Marov Far, and Alex—what they get is not enough to prove anything.

Sick bastards talk about American missiles with chemical weapons and killing their own people. He's killing civilians. He's printing the blame on Far and the United States. He's playing with false-flag operations. He wants a war of East versus West. The tiles fight. There's a world-forming quality to this, Kate.

We're on the brink. Boys had him right in our [__] hands.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023 continues the narrative of last year's Modern Warfare 2, this time pitting Task Force 141 against Vladimir Makarov. The opening mission for MW3, Precious Cargo , showcases how Makarov escaped and sets the foundation for MW3's main campaign. . Modern Warfare 3 Campaign - Mission 3 Reactor.
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