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Damn, they stopped moving. You need to do the same with Far and Alex. We will you and Graves are on the same team. John, don't forget that I don't forget anything looking good, boys. We are going for a pre-check. We're good to go, Shadow. Gold Eagle The actual Shadow one is on station. The Shadow One Ground Team is at Rally Point Boneyard.

You'll provide air cover while they locate the chemicals and hunt down the macaroon copy. Act Shadow One Ground Team is holding at RP Boneyard to the west. We're marked by an alarm call. Visual copy: visual marking ground team, we have a visual on you. Copy our targets on the two hangers. We move on your signal, marking threats in the Boneyard ground hold position.

We'll clear the area Gunner laid down to cover the fire. Take out those threats at the trigger time to get to work, Shadows. Here's Con's maneuver: Tower Gunner gets his eyes on that tower. The tower dropped a missile on that Sam. The site con is targeting us. Hit that Sam site with a missile.

Good impact target, destroyed con's moving into the bone yard, one team is in contact with fire copy, and we're on it. Lo, you're clear to move copy that we're moving up to cover them. Shadow copies actual enemies pushing in from the south, marking us as one in contact. Shadow one, we're taking effective fire and starting to send ground copy kilo, and we're working on it.

Gunner Focus fire on enemies near the ground. Airborne get on it; enemy jets destroy air superiority. Shadows of enemies pushing across the tarmac ground multiple Cony on the tarmac, get to cover, and we'll clear your path. The copy ground team is holding Southwest. Keep that ground team secure.

Do not fire on it. Bascop, we keep searching the hanger. Shadow, one, keep us covered. We're not going anywhere that way. Smoked all station one in the dry hole ground. The team pushes to hanger two. Shadow, keep cover. Roger Gold Eagle, we got your ground moving to M Fire's incoming Gunner.

Target those mortars and take them out. Out, To RPG Fire C The HG, no hangu, is cleared. Be advised that we've located the chemicals. Marov is negative; he's not here. It could be close ground to neutralize those shadows. Maintain ground team the job's done copy that Gold Eagle all stations be advised Intel's picking up Coney Communications from off base; they're scrambling armored vehicles and reinforcements, expecting heavy contact copy that is actually an enemy tank on the north side of the base.

Shadow one, let that tank destroy those chemicals. Gunner you heard the general eliminate that tank enemy tank destroyed good hate those [ __ ] things, enemy copy marking G Target those vehicles pushing to hanger. Cover confirms Marov is on the base and going to make a play for the chemical ground team.

Are you ready to Positive chemicals are still active, but we need more time to copy them to keep them secure. Graves maintain Overwatch, you see Marov; you put him down; check Gold Eagle. Shadow, one's ready, and Station Eny is down. Offia cop that Chemal renders pushing out to the hanger now bra Once the ground is clear, have your man drop a missile on that hanger.

Barry Ma with his [__] C copy that shadow one ground team is a clear-level hanger. Gunner, Good effect Hanger's down; that's how we get her done. Shadow Be down, Vladimir, There are three things you cannot outrun in this world, folks: death taxes and my pleasure doing business with you boys and girls, actual mrtb out here.

Roger, that shadow That's some big-league work out there. Blue Sky Son appreciates the assist. Shadow, six of all stations that kill are not confirmed. I say again that the kill is not confirmed. We need to search the site for p on Marov. Gold Eagle is available at all stations; your orders are to stand down.

We have nothing but fire and brimstone out there, and that's all the confirmation we need. Go to one. Go for six. It's over, John. We nailed that bastard to hell, and we were gone. Yeah, that's what we said about your little shadow grave. Yeah, Makarov's dead. Captain, don't let him live inside your head.

Shepherd only sees what he wants: his name on a win, another medal on his chest. It's what I don't see that worries me. If he is alive, he'll let us know where and when; that's

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