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In today's'sar zone article, we're going over one of my last top five loadouts you guys should be using here before Modern Warfare 3 drops. If you guys enjoyed it, be sure to give it a like for the algorithm, subscribe notifications turned on, and let's hop into this.

Top 5 meta loadouts

The first one we're taking a look at here today is going to be the Tempest Razer.

This is a top-tier meta AR with a pretty cool camo combination. Go with the Gouie Camo, one of the variants, but first attachments: the x10 ported 290. For that vertical recoil control, the tuning on that is going to be a plus point 80 and a plus 35. Now we're going to go up in here. What we're going to do is we're going to run the 18 Tac-2.


L Barrel FL increase in damage range, hip fire accuracy, bullet velocity, and of course movement speed. Movement speed is kind of one of those things we don't really care as much about, but it's definitely really good. It makes this gun effective at longer ranges. We used to run the 16-tanker Barrel, but now we're definitely just sticking with the 18.

The tuning on that is going to be a plus5, and a minus33 now, we're going to go down here we on the DM Proto grip this is a grip that is specific to The Tempest Razer back so definitely recommend for you guys to run this one exclusively on this gun there's no reason to run a different one because all the rest of them are just genuinely inferior to this the tuning is going to be a plus 34, and a plus 40 AKA max out there on the bottom now we're to go down of course on that 60 round mag We have the option of the 45-round mag, but the 60 is definitely the way to go.

All of your assault rifles should be pretty much like a 60r on mag or a 50. The only exceptions, obviously, would be like the Cast 762, which only has a maximum of a 40, so otherwise you definitely should be running a 60. Lastly, we're going to go up and run the SC recharge, which is going to be my optic of preference and choice.


You guys could probably switch this out for something like the AOT V4 if you really want to, or if you really want to go down that route of running a straight Red Dot site, you can run the Cronin Mini Pro, so that is totally up to you guys on what you want to run here, whether it be the S recharge aop or a Red Dot site of some sort, but your tuning is going to kind of go here as follows with a minus 1.94.

On this and maxing out on the bottom for that far distance, no matter what optic you choose, you should always tune in for more aim-down sight speed, and close or far does not matter. That is a total personal preference thing; it's not going to affect the build with the gun pretty much in any capacity, so that is going to be my full build there for the Tempest Razer back next up.

cod warzone 2

I'm you guys my updated bass. P Loadout: This thing is incredibly fun; it's got a little bit more recoil, but you get a ton of mobility with it, so I've been really, really liking it here recently. So first things: spiral v3.5, flash hider: this is going to help us out with recoil steadiness, and of course muzzle flash concealment definitely needs that here specifically with this build.

The tuning is going to be minus 45 and plus 40. Now we're going to go up in here, and we're going to run the VK laser at 7 mw. While making us fast with that increase in ad speed and sprint to fire speed, it does stabilize us out for that increase in aiming stability, which is something we really want the tuning on, which is minus 42 and A-14 4.81.

We're going to go down and run the 9 million hollow point rounds just to be able to disable people sprinting so they cannot possibly get away from us, which is super huge here in the War Zone right now. I definitely recommend it for as long as you guys are going to be playing War Zone, even if it's only up until Moder War 3.

cod warzone 2 best loadout

You guys should definitely be playing with the 9-millimeter hollow point rounds on your SMGs, generally speaking, because it really helps keep people from getting away from you. The tuning is a plus 70 and a plus, 4.06. Going to go throw on that 50 round drum here, so we pretty much only have the option of the 20 round; otherwise, it's the 30 round stock, and either of those is not going to be sufficient; it's not just that it's not going to be good in any capacity, so we just got to go for that 50, and last but definitely not least.

I'm going to run the BR stockist mod. I actually switched over from running Blue the Breu and Flash V4 stock to this just because I wanted a little bit more movement capabilities. Though I will say that if you guys want to revert back to one of my previous builds and run the Flash V4 stock, you are totally good, and now it's pretty much going to be like the more meta thing to do, but I am going to be running this here just because I want more mobility out of it and it's not going to, you know, decrease.

cod warzone 2 best loadouts

Overall, you know the damage output of the gun. I just want a little bit more, and I can control that, so it's up to you guys, whether it be the Flash 4 or the Stockist mod. It's totally up to you, but that's my full build there for the bass. Next up, we're going to take a look here at the m113, an absolute laser beam of an assault rifle here this season.

The first attachment is going to be the kodo heavy for the horizontal. A recoil control definitely wants to be able to control the horizontal because that's basically your side to side where the gun bounces around; it's not really as controllable. It's very easy to be able to pull down on your stick and just kind of deal with some vertical recoil, and also, when you factor in an aim assist, it's a lot easier to be able to control vertical, but side aside is something that is very difficult, so we definitely want to mitigate that as much as possible.

cod warzone 2 best loadouts after update

That's what this does for us. The tuning on that is a plus 44 and a plus 15. Now we're going to go up in here and run the 14 BR Echelon barrel increase in damage range, bull flossy recoil control, and fire accuracy, all really great things to be able to have on this gun, making it more effective at longer distances.

The two need to be plus 40 and plus 34. Now we're going to go through the 5.56 high-velocity rounds, giving us that increase in bullet velocity. I really, really enjoy running just these. I mean, for whatever reason they kind of tend to make it so that your recoil is even better than running something like, you know, an underbarrel like an FTAc Gper 56; that'd be kind of like your other thing you can swap this out for, but the tuning is going to be -45 and Aus 3.48.

Today I go over the warzone 2 top 5 meta loadouts top 5 best loadouts in warzone 2 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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