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Today we are taking an extensive look at the top three assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2. To really help you understand why these guns are top tier, we're going to be analyzing each weapon, looking at the most important factors like time to kill, reload speed, and overall mobility. I feel like this is really going to help you decide which assault rifle is best for you.


The first assault rifle on our list today is the M4. Keep in mind that these are not in any particular order; each assault rifle stands out on its own. One thing I will say about the M4 is that it's the most well-rounded weapon in the game, as it always has been in previous Call of Duty games.

This weapon is reliable, powerful, and extremely accurate. The M4 has a time to kill of about 218 milliseconds, which is decent at 824 rounds per minute. 220 millisecond ads speed, which is the second fastest after the cast-off 74u, and the M4 also has one of the fastest reload speeds at 2.3 seconds.

best class setup mw2

Now we're going to take a look at one of the best M4 class setups that you can make in Modern Warfare 2 right now. For the attachments, we are using the Echolus 80 suppressor, the Hightower Barrel, and the FSS OLED laser. The X10 grip and the 45-round magazine The Echoluus 80 suppressor is great on the M4 because it gives a sound-suppressing bullet, velocity, damage range, and also smoothness and recoil.

Now, you do lose some speed and aiming stability, but we have some other attachments that are going to compensate for that for the muzzle tuning. I would prioritize the ad speed and the bullet velocity, obviously. The quicker you can aim down sights, the faster you are in your gunfights, and your bullet velocity is going to increase your overall time to kill.

best class setup mw2 kastov 762

The Hightower Barrel is great for this setup because we get extra bullet velocity and damage range, but what I love about this barrel is that we get even more recoil control for hip fire accuracy. You do lose 80s speed movement, speed, and hip recoil control, but I think these pros definitely outweigh the cons of barrel tuning.

I have Max Aim walking speed and ads speed now; obviously, you want your gun to be as snappy as possible, and ads speed and sprint speed to fire speed are key. Since we were able to stack some recoil control and overall stability on this weapon, now's a great time to add some more mobility, which is why we are using the FSS OLED laser, which gives us extra ads speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed to make us even more efficient in our close range fights, especially since we are using the x10 grip, which increases our sprint to fire speed and ads speed even further at the cost of recoil control for the rear grip tuning.

best guns for warzone 2

I have Max ADS and sprint to fire speed, and I also recommend using a 45-round magazine. if you play game modes like hardpoint or dominance or any objective-based game modes where you need to chain kills. You can get away with a 30 round magazine in some of the other game modes, but personally. I think the 45 round magazine is going to be great for you for the secondary I'm using the x13 Auto, one of the best secondary weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

This pistol is amazing, and we are using the Akimbo X13 rear grip attachment with the 33-round magazine, which helps us chain more kills. A lot of these akimbo pistols have a decent amount of vertical recoil, and the Bruin triport muzzle helps a lot with the vertical recoil control, which is why I recommend this attachment for the tuning process.

With the recoil stabilization and the gun kick control, we also have the XRK barrel, which gives us recoil, control, and extra bullet velocity, and last but not least, the one milliwatt pistol laser, which gives us hip recoil control, hip fire accuracy, and sprint to fire speed. Tactically, we are using the flash grenade for the elite, though we have the semtex and my personal perk package.

I like to use double time and scavenger as my base perks; double time is going to double the duration of tactical sprint scavenger. is going to resupply ammunition and throw knives at dead players. My bonus perk I love to use fast hands to reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster, and last but not least, our ultimate perk is being undetectable by ghosts. by UAV's portable radars and heartbeat sensors.

Kastov 762

Kastov 762

The next assault rifle on the list is the Model 762. The overall stopping power and time to kill on the cast-off 762 are insane, which makes it one of the best long-range rifles in the game. The cast of "762: A Time to Kill" takes about 194 milliseconds, which is incredibly fast for an ad.

Speed is a bit slower than the M4, but honestly, this weapon is best utilized in mid- to long-range fights anyway. Reload speed is only 2.6 seconds, which helps compensate for the 40-round maximum magazine. The 762 is a killing machine, and it definitely deserves a spot on the top three assault rifles list in Modern Warfare 2.

best guns in mw2

I have to say the cast-off 762 is probably the fastest-killing assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2. It's actually my main weapon for Warzone because of the attachments we have; the Castovia DX90 muzzles the 10 Barrel. The F-TAC Ripper 56 underbarrel attachment, the Cronin Mini Pro optic, the 40-round magazine, and the muzzle and barrel are going to help tremendously with recoil control, as you can see here.

The Castovia DX90 suppressor gives sound suppression of bullet velocity during recoil, smoothness, and recoil control in addition to that. The 10-inch cast barrel also gives us extra damage range, bullet velocity, and hip fire accuracy, and it's going to make our gun even more stable, giving us additional recoil control for the muzzle tuning.

I have Max ad speed and Max bullet velocity for the barrel tuning; we have Max recoil, Max steadiness, and Max ad speed. The F-TAC Ripper 56 Under Barrel is going to give us even more control over our weapon. For our aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization for the tuning.

I have Max Ads Speed, and for the bottom here. I left the aiming walking speed and the aiming idle stability alone. We also have the 40-round magazine, which is actually the maximum. I wish there was a 60-round magazine for this gun just for Warzone specifically, but the 40-round magazine isn't bad considering the time to kill is very fast.

best mw2 class setup

We also have the Cronin Mini Pro Optic, which, in my opinion, is one of the best red dots in the game. One of the main reasons a lot of people like this optic is the blue dot instead of the red dot; it's a lot easier to see your target, and honestly, it looks really clean. Another great optic, specifically for long range, is the VLK.

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