News - This M4 Loadout Is "broken" Warzone 2 Season 6. Best M4 Class Setup - Mw2

best ar warzone 2

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're bringing you guys the M4, In War Zone 2 Season 6 in today's game play. That sound depression, bu velocity damage range, and Rec Moon are really going to help with that range on this M4, making it broken. This is the shooting that we did run on the muzzle.

You definitely want to copy this down the bar and the high tower 20 barrel that R control damage range, bull velocity, and hit-fire accuracy. This is the best barrel on the M4 for that range, which really is what makes it really good for the tuning on the barrel. You're going to want to put up the reco setness a bit, and the damage range for the underbarrel man is in the name we use for the ftac, Ripper Man.

This thing gives us aiming auto stability, hit-fire ACC, and recoil stabilization. This is what's going to give us zero recoil. This is the tuning on under Barrel. You definitely want to copy this down with the magazine around the 60-round mag. This is really what's going to be able to make us wipe squads with it thing, even though we did run solos.

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