News - New M4 Loadout Is Meta Warzone 2. Best M4 Class Setup - Mw2

best loadout for warzone

And we're going to get right into the article, so we're going to start out with the Harbor Drew D20. This thing is the best silencer, in my opinion, for sound suppression, bullet velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness. Next, for the tuning, what we're going to do is increase the bullet velocity to around 30.

I think that's pretty solid if you want to go a little bit further; it has not much of a benefit, so keep it around the 30 region, and you don't have to change the weight unless you want more recall smoothness or aim down sight speed completely. Your choice, whatever you want to do, but I'm completely fine with having it at zero.

Next, we're going to move on to the high tower 20-inch barrel for recoil, control damage range, bullet velocity, and hip fire accuracy. For the tuning, we're going to increase the damage range by around 20. I think that's pretty good, and we're going to increase the recoil steadiness. It looks like we can have it at about 20.

best m4 class mw2

That's a pretty sweet spot. Try not to go past this one; it is not really ideal. Next, we're going to put on the 60-round mag and the optic. You guys know I love the Aim-Up V4. I maxed out the far distance just because that's my personal preference, and last but not least. I actually went with a new grip this time, and I really like how it's the VX pineapple; it's a heavy grip with grooves for better recoil control.

It's for hip fire accuracy, hip or equal control recoil, saying it's an aim walking. I don't care about the hip-fire aspect, but the recoil steadiness is phenomenal. The beautiful thing is, I didn't even tune this, but if you want more aim downside speed, you can have it; it's completely up to you.

Just in my opinion, it's not really worth it, and the end product is absolutely amazing; it's super easy to use in that super low recoil, especially since this is one of the first guns you actually

Best M4 Loadout Warzone 2 No Recoil M4 Class Setup MW2 Warzone 2. 0 Meta Loadout. new M4 LOADOUT is META in WARZONE 2! Best M4 Class Setup - MW2.
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