News - This Is Still Broken After 2 Years - Warzone 2. 0 Wtf Moments


It's a hacker. It's probably the same kid; I think he's cheating. yeah, he is; he's 100 percent cheating; it's the same kid that killed me earlier; shit killed him; I didn't get a kill; I gotta kill him; he's blatantly cheating. Be sure to leave a "like" on today's article. Drop content below and subscribe for more shout-outs.

to Rigo Jose said RPK route signal 50 M4 m13b, shouted "never die two, three, four, five," and said he liked the M4, the McPr, and the Fennec attack. I think that's what it is called and probably a signal 50. I also upload Wars on Call of Duty content, and I know a lot of you guys take time every day to do that, but daily Wars will have a new article out tomorrow night.

This is Still BROKEN After 2 Years - Warzone 2. 0 WTF Moments. Send us your clips, we will feature them.
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