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After a long wait, we have finally gotten the Michael Operator Bundle from the Walking Dead series. This is an 8-item pack worth 2,400 Cod points that Walking Dead fans are going to love.


Anger makes you stupid and gets you killed. Starting off, you've got Michael, the operator for Team CTech.

What she's wearing right now is the current clothing from the new season of The Walking Dead the ones who live Michael is also a fully voice-acted operator with about 7 minutes worth of voice lines. Here are a few of them right now: Let's get to work. I got your back. Well, all right, then fear is dangerous.

We have to choose to be the good guys.

Finishing move

Michan also comes with the dead-cut finishing, Move; some bullies you can live with, others Nah, you've got to fight. If you look closely at the katana, you'll notice that it's actually been unsheathed from the SE during the animation, meaning the katana is actually connected to the operator's model.

I don't believe any operator models have ever had that kind of emotion before, so that's a pretty good detail. Well done on some bullies you can live with; some bullies you can live with, others you cannot.

Weapon inspections, camos, tracers/death effects

Weapon inspections, camos, tracers/death effects

Right onto the weapons, we get three of them: the Lone Survivor, MCW. The Walker waster for the longbow, and the killer Kadal Chees The MCW and Longbow will come with death and decay traces, as well as Michael's specialty death effect; however, the duales will only come with death, as for the camos.

However, the kadal, though they look really good with camos, can't argue with them. Here are the death and Decay traces and Michelle and Specialty deaths, effects, and the lead. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Unless it's bugged, it's a very generic dismemberment effect. I don't really see anything crazy about that, all right?

Just an update from future Elvis, so I just checked it out with the kadal. The kadal does have a different death effect, so I'm pretty sure the guns are actually bugged, and the kadai 1 is the correct death effect, so it's just a big lump of meat pretty much.

Weapon sticker, decal ,charm

Weapon sticker, decal ,charm

But moving on to some little Easter eggs that The Walking Dead fans are going to love, you've got to believe in a little longer weapon sticker.

This is what Michael found in the boat during season 9, episode 13, showing her that Rick was still alive. It was a very important moment for the series. Next is the one who lives with large decals—pretty much just free marketing material. Lastly, you've got the Mike charm, which is Michael's boyfriend who turned into a zombie, had his jaws and arms removed, and basically followed her around to help camouflage from the Walkers.

Final thoughts

All right, that about wraps everything up. It's a solid bundle. In my opinion, they could have done a little bit better with the death effect, but otherwise, if you're a Walking Dead fan, you'll enjoy the bundle as a whole anyway. That'll be all from me until season 2 is reloaded. We should be expecting some big stuff next week, including a King Kong and Godzilla collab, a Warframe collab, and a Crash Bandicoot bundle.


AMC The Walking Dead Michonne Tracer Pack Operator Bundle. Included Items. - Operator Skin Michonne. Michonne is a warrior and a survivor.
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