News - The Ultimate Warzone 2 Yy Movement Guide

120 fov

In today's article, I want to tell you some tips about my movement and how to be fast in the war zone while talking about my style of playing. The first thing you have to know about movement and making it beautiful is your movement. You have to download DS4 Windows in any browser you have. You have to open it.

You have to open this for Windows and select your switch. You can set mro on any bottom you like. I like to set it on the right stick because I can shake the camera and swap PPP at the same time. It makes it easier. It depends on you. You open this for Windows and select edits, and you go to Triangle or Y in Xbox controllers, go to record the macro, and you have to turn on record delays.

By selecting repeat while head, you start recording. And you have to select your triangle two times. Here, you have to change your delays to 30, and 30, and then you have to save it, apply, and save. Again, as you can see, I can ywi very fast, making it smoother, and I can shake the camera and swap weapons at the same time.

aim assist

As you can see, I'm sliding too much in my articles. Smooth slide on time makes you better in fights; you can break cameras with slide, and you can run away to use teams or As you know, we don't have a slight cancellation in war zone 2 for having the same slight as war zone 1. You have to slide and jump at the perfect time if you jump very quickly.

If you're pressing the jump button more than once, you actually start jumping, so this is not very useful in fights. The third tip you have to learn is the snake move. The snake move is one of the best moves you can do to make your enemies aim very hard, and you can peek to see your enemies. This move makes your enemies blind and will not have the situation to kill.

You have to hold your left stick down and prone, and after that, you have to press your right stick and move forward in the same direction. This is another simple move you have to train so much to make it faster in fights and make a normal drop-shot to snake move. As you know, it's not all about having a good aim; you're supposed to have a good movement beside a good aim.

This is all you have to know about a professional movement to get better in fights. I hope you enjoy it. I love you all. 15 seconds,

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