News - The Ultimate Honey Badger Class Setup For Warzone 2. Best Chimera Class Warzone 2

Chimera class setup

Chimera class setup

That's what we're doing today, so we're going to start with the stock. I have the Rage 8 Crouch movement speed, Sprint speed, and Name Down Sight speed, one of those attachments that's going to help it still be a very good close range option. We're going to set that negative 0.348 to our downside speed and negative 2.01 to our walking speed for the laser sight.

You're Gonna Want the vlk-seven milliwatt laser It's Gonna Give You Aiming Outside Speed. Stability, and Sprint to Fire Speed. Much Like the Stock of the Same Type Tendencies: Now here's where the big attachment is: we have the barrel for the 10 inch SA Phoenix that's going to give you damage range, bull velocity, hit fire accuracy, and recoil.

Controlling that damage range and bullet velocity is really what we're chasing here, and then you're going to want that set plus 0.50 toward your recoil steadiness and negative 0.19 toward your dream down sight speed for the muzzle. I have the Tylr8. It technically doesn't tell you what it does here, but it is horizontal recoil control; side-to-side bounce is much more difficult to control than the vertical; even if you don't know you're controlling vertical recoil control, you really are.

Just one of those things that you're just more likely to do because, as you can see there, it does give you horizontal recoil control, so you're going to let those two negative 0.8s go towards your dream down sight speed and a plus 0.20 go towards the gun's inability to control it. Finish this off with the phase 3 grip, which is going to give you aiming idle stability for accuracy and recoil stabilization.

You'll want those two negative 0.8 toward your aim down sight speed and a negative 0.21 toward your dream walking speed. I am going to let the gameplay speak for itself on this one, so you get a good idea of exactly how you need to play and how exactly the weapon performs on the map. We're heading over to hydroelectric, and we're getting an MGB.

Chimera gameplay

Chimera gameplay

I hope you Guys, enjoy yourself all right. So we're going with the honey badger in this one. I wanted to go for a different style of approach; we're going more on the side of damage range and approaching from the rear over the SMG-type suppressor, says Builds. Now, this weapon, as we all know, is extremely good at close range.

I really dislike slow play. I can't get into the flow of a game when everybody's just standing around, and that's where my struggle is currently happening, so I need to get up in their faces. I want this to work. I need to get well; I'm dead. I'm 100 now. Now I'm really Dad. They've got to stop adding that gas to the games, man.

They really

I will be using the meta chimera aka honey badger best class setup in call of duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer. This best class setup for the chimera is set up to take longer range right due to the barrel and low recoil while still maintaining high mobility for close range engagements. In the gameplay I will be getting an mgb tactical nuke on Zarkwa Hydroelectric while using this best honey badger class setup. Make sure to head into mw2 multiplayer and give it a try.
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