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Chimera class setup

Chimera class setup

In today's article, we're going to be covering my updated class setup for the Chimera here in season 3 of Modern Warfare 2. This one is built out for Max aggression, more or less using it like an SMG while still holding down some assault rifle-like tendencies in the medium and long range. The recoil isn't exactly nonexistent on this build, but you're going to thrive by playing extremely aggressive.

Let's get into the attachments. We're going to start right here with the F-Tac Tiger grip, which is going to give you recoil stabilization, hip fire accuracy, and aiming idle stability. You can see the increase in accuracy there. Personally, I just seem to find the most success. There are plenty of options here if you find that the gun is still a bit too bouncy for your liking, but the F-Tac Tiger grip is where I personally found the most success.

best chimera build

The tuning is going to be negative point 26 towards the aim down side speed and negative 0.15 towards the aim walking speed. I am running an ammunition type on this build; however, it's not necessary if you want to run like the 45-round mag. You can definitely do so, but the pressure makes you your enemy.

Target Flinch: I'm sure you've been hit by this before, and we have zero cons to running this thing. The no enemy skulls thing I don't think is that big of a deal, but the target flinch, especially when they're sprinting, will slow them down drastically. Tuning is going to be negative. Point 54 towards recoil steadiness, and then we got plus 7.62, or, I'm sorry, 7.26, towards bullet velocity over here to the rear grip.

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You're going to want the d37 for brick wheel control, where the tuning is negative point 48 towards the aim downside speed and negative point 35 towards your sprint to fire speed. I personally don't like the iron sights of the Chimera all too much but, it's a preference you can change this out for a stock if you so please I like to use the Slimline Pro where I have it negative three towards the aim downside speed negative 2.25, towards far and the last attachments, of vlk lasers have milliwatt to help the Imp downside speed of the weapon it gives it an extremely fast and snappy aim down sight the tuning here is going to be negative 0.26. Let's get into that gameplay so you can see what this build is all about.

Chimera gameplay

Chimera gameplay

Okay, we're going to jump into it today with my new season three Chimera, Build or Chimera. I don't know what it's called; I've heard it called a few things, but I always just like to call it the Honey Badger, and that's exactly what we're doing; it's kind of like a submachine gun assault rifle type hybrid; it still has some good medium-range statistics, but what really gets it going are those close-range engagements.

There's the shotgun guy. He finally got me, but we got the new no complaints from me. Set up a truck.

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