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So in today's article, I'm going to show you my new meta Chimera build that you must be using right now here in Mall for two seasons. Guys, from my build, we're going to be using the VLK 7 MW laser. This can be a very helpful attachment for this honey badger build. We have aim-down speed, sprint-fire speed, and since we are using the iron sights, we do have some aiming stability, which is going to make this build really nice. Going into our next attachment, which is a new attachment, we're going to the stock, and we're going to add on the m13c.

M13c factory stock

M13c factory stock

Factory stock for the aim walking speed and sprint speed, so we're moving faster around the map, getting into more engagements and getting more kills, and we're also moving faster while aiming down sights, and then tomorrow we do unlock the collapse, so you already know we'll be making more articles on this, but we're going to add this on for our next attachment here.

Now we are going to jump down to the rear grip for our next attachment at on the d37 grip for a little bit more recoil control.

D37 grip

Now that I am running the iron size, I am going to add on some extra attachments to help with recall control because I don't know if it's myself or if it's the gun with the iron sights.

This weapon does jump a lot, so I'm adding this on to make the weapon more calm and smooth when firing at those longer ranges. If you want to add this on, we're going to skip the magazine and go to the ammunition type and add it on the overpressure rounds for that target flinch, and we're not going to show up on the enemy's skulls.

We're going to be more stealthy, we're going to stay on the tire kill streaks, and we also won't be more accurate. Our weapons are going to deal more flinch when getting into those gun fights, so you're never going to lose a gun fight, and you're just going on crazy kill streaks. I do promise, and then for our final attachment, we're going to the under barrel, and we're going to be adding on the edge 47 grip for aiming stability and recoil stabilization.

Edge-47 grip

Edge-47 grip

Now the tunes I'll be using for my build are going to start with the Edge 37 grip. Now that I have the AIM walking speed at Point 28 in my aim down side speed at 0.52, we're aiming down sides faster, and we're moving faster while aiming down sides.

I think that's a great combo with this build; we're being more aggressive up close, and it's also going to be hard for our targets to hit us because we're getting a lot more mobility while aiming down sights now for the overpressure rounds. I have my bull velocity at 4.06 and my damage range at 0.43, working on a lot of damage here, so we're having a faster time to kill, and all sorts of bullets are stronger at longer ranges, and we are getting some bull velocity, so our bullets are traveling a little bit faster, and it does help with a tiny bit of range here now.

For the d37 grip, we're going to put our spread fire speed at 0.33, our recoil at 0.61, our weapons are really steady now, and we're shooting faster off a Sprint, so we're getting some more recoil control and also making our weapon shoot faster off a Sprint, which is always good here. I have my aim on size speed at 46.06, and then we have our sprint to fire speed at 0.27, but here's my updated build for the Chimera here in season five.



This class is super nasty. You guys will love it. I do promise. So try it out. What is your highest kill percentage? The gameplay we got today is some of the easiest tactical nukes I've ever gotten.

You don't want to miss any more daily content. There we go. I don't think okay, well, there's one that was AFK. That's fine now. The last time I played this map, we almost dropped 200 kills, so if we could do something like that again, that'd actually be fire, so we'll see what we can do. Model for 2.0—that's what I'm going to be calling it model for 2.0 but okay, they're out there; they're all facing this way, so we're chilling.

That mini map told me wrong right there, but we're chilling, and this is the first time in a long time that I've actually run the honey badger with just regular iron sights. I usually like to use an optic because I just like reading that side on most of my builds, but I'm going to try to be a little different, and I mean.

best chimera class mw2

That's one main thing I do like about the honey badger so much: just how quiet and stealthy you can be with this build. There we go, okay, we got our first MGB. Noob, we'll take that; we shall take it. I mean, it would be kind of cool as well if we got like a Flawless game, but I also want the game to last a long time, so yeah, they're not over here, they're not over here, bro.

There are so many people that are just leaving and joining, so I have to mute so many people. I really don't have an idea where they're going to be spawning at unless they start spawning on this side of the map, but now they're going to be spawning right here, it's just it's just it's just how the game works, man.

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Once you play it so much, surprisingly, this is like one of my least-played amount of times played all right. Knock it off, knock it off, Snoop Dogg, get out of here, but I mean, we are frying a 40-gun streak right now. We are zooming through the map. We are doing it. There's a guy in the stables.

best chimera class setup mw2

You're not killing me, buddy. I want this to actually be a good game; this is so far a great game, okay, and of course we die, of course, yeah, but MW3 next year, I'm ready for it, I really am. I'm just ready for a new game, and so far, I mean, even a lot of people have told me that. I've heard stuff already.

I mean this is gonna be a game that you're going to want to buy this is going to be a game that you're going to want to grind. I'm sure you guys have heard that already, but, you know it makes a game like Call of Duty can do so much more when people have already made a game and you just add on to it you know what I'm saying like just new maps new guns making it feel like a new map or a new game.

There's just so much you can do when you don't have to make a full game. You just have to make content for the game. That's exactly how I would be. He's going to be over here; yep, we could potentially get a double nuke here; it's just all about getting lucky, you know, or, like, a 100 kill game.


I mean, there's still a lot of time. It may not seem like it, but there is actually a lot of time. We're chilling with 81 kills. I mean, we should be able to get 19 more kills, all right? I would like to get another nuke, though. I wish there was like an in-game nuke counter that told me how many times I've gotten nukes as a noob, because I know I'm up there with at least three to four hundred nukes.

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