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The attack force is still dominant here in season two. Give us a try, even after the nerf. At longer ranges, this thing is still dropping people off. I was able to drop a NMGB nuke even against lag-infested lobbies.

Fast taq v mgb nuke streak mw2

I made some changes to my setup because I know they went ahead and modified it.

I'm putting quotes around "modified" and "long-range capability." I actually have been getting melted by it still, so that is good news because "attack me" has been one of my favorite guns to use on this game since it was released. I mean, so far, so good; those two kills that I lost right there, those guys are already in gun fights, but, and I'm not gonna lie.

I'm starting to run optics on a lot of my weapons. I've been running a lot of my game, and it just lagged right there. I've been running a lot of my guns with optics and a lot of my guns loud and proud recently as well. You can do this; whatever's going on, stop another guy over here. I think there's another one in there as well; yep, got used to no chance.

Sorry about that, buddy. Are you kidding me? Is that one kid that spawned in front of me that y'all saw that right? Did he spawn in front of me, or did he launch an attack that I did not see? Because if he spawned right there, that is shocking. Not only is he running a hollow-point thermal M4, which is a good setup, don't get me wrong, but the guy has a deployable cover down.

And who's sitting in a random it turned on he's sitting in a random corner.

Best taq v class setup mw2

Best taq v class setup mw2

Okay, all, Right Let's go and take a look at the attack V after the Season Two update. For the first attachment, we're actually going to skip over the rear grip here; these attachments are not going to help out this battle rifle. Now we are going to rock a stock, and it's going to be the attack brute stock, to bump up that aiming stability as well as recoil control.

best mw2 taq v class

This is definitely a great attachment on this weapon to tone down the recourse we can have to destroy people at longer ranges. For the tuning, we are going to increase the aim walking speed by -1.01 and we're also going to increase the aim down sight speed by -1.94. To go ahead and strengthen up that close range handling because we're already capitalizing on the longest capabilities with this attachment, now we're going to run an optic, and this weapon is going to benefit from an optic after the update because we want to help out that long range capability even more so on that position sight picture with the Chrono mini pro is going to be a good option.

In tuning, all we're going to do is increase the aim down sight speed to negative 1.45. We're not running a laser; these are not going to help us out at all, but we are going to rock a barrel that's going to be the Lance 50 12-inch barrel to increase that aim down sight speed as well as hip recall control as an added benefit.

Now for the tuning, we are going to increase the aim down sight speed to negative 0.34 and recoil steadiness here at plus point 35. We're going to go ahead and match up pretty much the tuning for both of these aspects just to go ahead and give us a well-rounded class setup. Now we're skipping over the muzzle this time; normally I'd rock a muzzle, but I think an underbell is going to be a better option here in season two because we need to go ahead and strengthen up the long-run capability, so we are going to rock an underbell, which is going to be the f-tap for 56 and a great attachment to smooth out that recoil pattern and give us more stability.

best taq v class

As well as the added hip buyer, as a benefit now for the tuning, we're just going to go ahead and increase the aim walking speed at negative point 13 and, for even more stabilization, at plus 0.52. We need as much stabilization on this class setup as possible because it's going to be a long-range build that we're going to be trying to take people out very easily with, and then finally, we have to go ahead and run a magazine because they're 20 by default, which is clearly not enough, so 30 is going to give us that, you know.

AR range, so we can go ahead and take people out and still have a battle rifle that can melt people but still handle like an assault rifle. The setup is going to be the combat knife stun grenade proximity mine, and my custom per-pack is just set up for double-time scavenger and resupply. Center-boy ears catch you for the next one, this one

best taq v class modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 - Best TAQ V Class Setup MW2 Best TAQ V Tuning Season 2! This TAQ V MW2 Best Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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