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Taq v class setup

Taq v class setup

I don't exactly remember what it was, but I know it had something to do with the damage. But most importantly, it's still a two-shot kill if you hit your headshots, so that's what you've got to be aiming for here. I am officially partnered with G-Fuel Energy if you are looking for just a boost in your focus or a little bit of a jolt of energy while playing Call of Duty.

G Fuel is the drink for you, and even better, you guys can use code salty for 20 to 30 percent off your entire order over at {191}. Let's start back here with a rear-grip ride on the FSS combat grip. It's not like it's extremely hard to control, but when you start getting into the longer ranges, it becomes a problem.

best taq v build

I still recommend you stay in the medium range, so the recoil controls what we're gaining there tuning is negative one towards your aim down sight speed, and then we got negative 0.25 towards your sprint to fire speed for the stock. I have the TV Cardinal giving you aim walking speed and sprint speed now; that is simple because we're not losing aim down sight speed in the process, but we are gaining mobility, which is important because this thing is kind of slow going.

The tuning here is going to be negative 0.31, to a dream walking speed of negative 0.35 toward our aim down sight speed for the muzzle, the same as my previous builds, the bore 3 or the bore 490, for horizontal and vertical recoil control. We're choosing this one because it primarily focuses on the horizontal.

If you can get rid of that horizontal bounce on the weapon, you're going to have a much easier time using it. The tuning here is negative 0.80 toward your aim downside speed plus 0.35 toward the gun kick control. Our last attachment is the Bruin Warrior grip, which absorbs a bunch of hip recoil and hip fire type abilities there, which are important with a slow-pace weapon like this.

Hitting your hip fire shots is going to help you in the close range, but more importantly, that recoil steadiness and a walking steadiness will help the vertical kick of the weapon, and that's going to be negative 0.36 towards our hip walking speed and negative 0.31 towards our aim downside speed. So we're about to head over to a game on Mercado where we're going to be getting a double freaking nuke with this build overall.

Taq v gameplay

Taq v gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it. It's been a while since I've used the VTAC-V, and that's what we're using today since they've nerfed it; I haven't touched it. I know simple things like damage range and things like that have been seriously nerfed, so I think it's almost necessary now that you have to run that damage range barrel.

Only because I think they keep spawning on me here all right now, they finally didn't let's hit that rotation all the way over here—this is where they're going to be coming from—they might actually hit here.

Best Taq V Class Setup Modern Warfare 2 Best Taq V Class Modern Warfare 2. new MAX DAMAGE TAQ-V Build in MW2! Best Taq V Class Setup. Timecodes.
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