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In today's article, I got you guys the best Rails Classics, and he's here in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With that out of the way, let's get right into the class setup.

Best raal mg class setup

Starting off with Thunderbarrel, I'm in the essay side grip now, and we actually get four bonuses here, which include the aiming idle stability.

The aim of walking status is recoil steadiness as well as recoil stabilization while moving. On to the tuning now. My rule of thumb here with my tuning is that you want all these numbers to be exact or as close as possible. I know it's hard to precisely tune on controllers, so to try to be as close as possible yet again, boys, with the last letter.

I've added a negative 0.49 and the bottom sliders are at a negative 0.25 moving. On to the muzzle. I'm the shred CP90; this improves both the vertical and horizontal, so you'll have less recall to worry about with the tuning on the left side being at a negative six point, or 0.62, and the bottom sliders at a positive 0.1.

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Moving on to the laser, I'm going to the FSS Olay V laser to improve the aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, as well as the 45 speed. great bonuses to improve the mobility of the slow LMGs here in MW2, moving on to the stock. I'm on the demo Nimbo stack, which again improves aim blocking speed as well as spread speed, making it a great mobility attachment for again these slow LMGs in MW2, but then with the tuning of the left side being at a negative 1.16 and the bottom side being at a negative 1.08, and, finally, for the magazine on the 50-round belt mag, this improves the move speed; AIM now sight speed to fire speed as well as reload quickness; again, this is totally personal preference.

I think the default magazine size is 75, but since I wanted to speed up this LMG, I just went with this magazine, and honestly, you can't really notice the difference.

Mgb gameplay with best raal mg class setup

Mgb gameplay with best raal mg class setup

all right all right all right We got some hardpoint here today on the shoot house. What the heck am I stun or whatever I flew? Did I get a hit, Mark, and not see it? Am I that blind? Anyway, we are rocking the rails here today on Shoot House. The last time I did an LMG on this map was on Rap H, and I got like, over 200 kills—I wasn't at 200 kills, wasn't I?—but it was a hundred kills, I believe.

I actually don't remember how many there were; it actually might have been over 200, but tell you one thing—we're not off to a good start right here in chat. I'm not going to lie; horrible start: four kills; I think I've died like four times; but I will pick her up. No one's worried, you guys. As you can see, we also got this beautiful LMG all over your top; that guy's not dead, and that other guy just spawned into me head-shooting him in tough chat.

best mw2 raal mg class

I mean, tough luck for that guy if you ask me; that's also not my problem. Everybody just got RPG'd. Hello, we got RPG and saw laser, and I think it was my favorite. Yeah, these are my teammates hitting him with the flank chat; hopefully none of them turn around; that's some weird sprint to fire; that was like a weird delay I used to express an R1, and it wasn't letting me shoot right; I mean.

I still got the kill, but they spawn them; is that a guy's gun right there? I'm going to have to rely on my Overwatch Gila to see where these clowns are, so now I'm playing slow because I actually have no idea where they are. I think they're going to be spawning over here; I don't know because I'm giving zero pings right now, but there's a pink.

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There's an advanced area where we're going to chat; we're going to go over here in the junkyard area. Is this a bull lobby for their other team? Thanks for the ammunition, teammate. I love that. Yeah, you're gone, buddy. This thing's like a two-shot shot to the head; it's actually unreal, like this thing packs a massive punch.

best raal mg class

That's probably why you only need the 50-round magazine, quite honestly, plus you can be a lot more. There's no way these clowns are jumping right over the line of sight with that. That's it we're running all the way around. We're pulling out the pistols to run faster. Well, I should use my dead silence since I got the ammo box.

That guy's going for his javelin challenges. Why doesn't he do that on the shipment? That's how I did my Javelin challenges. I don't know. I feel like a lot of people just aren't using a shipment to their best ability, just like I did not use this Advanced to the best of my ability. There's no way they're still spawning.

I heard the guy behind me. I thought this thing was going to be meta, or people said that this thing was going to be meta and Warzone, but it simply was or is not and has not panned out to be the meta, but I know LMGs are the meta and War Zone like the rap and the rpk; those two are like metas in the war zone, but you won't see me playing Wars on chat with an enemy personality.

best raal mg class mw2

I played it a little bit, like maybe one game, and the time to kill in that game is just too fast yet. My teammate just saved me. Let's do something like collapse on me at the same time; there's some strategy there. The last time I chomped, I got the kill; that time I simply did not—unbelievable, that could have been a double.

Well now that we most likely my geez I can attack now that we most likely cannot get a double, maybe we can hopefully get a hundred-bound wait; that guy just spawned right there. I've tried going on top of that car for like head glitches or not head glitches but long shots on this map when I was doing long shots, and there's like a barricade blocking you from even the long shot areas.

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For the UAB, we can use our support healer or Overwatch Halo as well. Of course, for some more kills, Run down the middle of the map, even though he died in the middle of that one three times on this game, bye-bye Overwatch Hilo, so 80, not 100, yet. We can pick up the pace a little bit; I don't know.

best raal mg class setup

It's hard to pick up the pace with an LMG; you can only run so fast, but we can get another Overwatch helo, and that can do a lot of the mobility work for us instead. My teammate just got a three-piece with the javelin. Throw that out all right; my teammate is almost still liking kill, but I think my overall chile got it.

Another advance is here. I got clapped in the head; we can call it in, "Wait, what are you sniping?" That's a sniper, buddy, melted like some Red Lobster butter. No, I want to try and get this 100-bomb as fast as I can. I just understand this guy shooting that. If I can get seven kills real quickly here, that'd be very nice because this game does not need to go on any longer.

the RAAL MG is BROKEN in MW2! | BEST RAAL MG CLASS SETUP! - Modern Warfare 2. In this video, I'm showing you the best RAAL MG class setup in MW2.
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