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In this article, we're taking a look at the Rel MGS. I mean, this weapon literally can get consistent two-shot kills; it has very little recoil, and that's just a recipe for an MGB nuke, which I was able to get.

Fast raal mg mgb nuke streak mw2

Let's jump right into it, Holy sh*t, we're going off now, and my registration just did not exist if you loaded.

Come on, I don't have all day, and I do not feel like running fast hands because it's not really worth it on this gun. All right, let's get the UAV up. Okay, they're all on this side of the map. Let's cross; I got the x13 at cambos on this setup to resupply online; he's in a corner back here; got that rat relax teammate; or we can cross back over here; maybe I will throw a Betty down over here; shit it okay, maybe I will.

I mean, the rooms today have been pretty slow-paced, like people really aren't moving around. No surprise, we really do need to get a 10v10 or an 8v8 playlist in here because this 6v6 stuff is really becoming a complete drag in my opinion because nobody really is moving. I just feel like I'm running around aimlessly, getting a couple kills, and then dying to somebody that looks like it's been thrown out or just really not caring about people moving around like homeboy is Crouch walking.

Please be ready to talk. I'm not really too worried about them being on that hill. I mean, shit they need. I don't want this game to kind of last a little bit longer. I really want this to last a little bit longer, so I'm not really too upset about them getting on this. If I was a couple off the double right there, but shit it, who cares?.

I probably was like, Maybe shit, maybe like a couple off. I don't know, but. I was close, and that was a badass game, though kids got demolished, that was a badass game.

Best raal mg class setup mw2

Best raal mg class setup mw2

All right, let's go ahead and create the absolute best and fastest killing Rel mg class setup. Now for the first attachment, we are going to rock the Bruin Q900 grip wrap to bump up that sprint to fire speed as well as much-needed aim down sight speed.

For the tuning, we are going to increase the sprint to fire speed to negative 20, and we're also going to bump up that aim down side speed even more to negative 0.65. We are going to rock a stock, and it's going to be the FSS, or Riot stock, to bump up that crawl movement speed, much-needed sprint speed, and also much-needed aim down sight speed as well.

Here for the tuning, we are going to increase the aim walking speed to negative 1.55, and we're also going to bump up that aim down side speed some more to negative 2.45 to increase that close range handling and allow us to move on the map and reposition when need be. Now for the optic, we are going to rock the Cronin Mini Pro.

2 shot raal mg

AKA, the Blue Dot sight is, in my personal opinion, the best option to run on the rail next to the VLK, but for the tuning here, we are just going to increase the aim down sight speed to negative 2.32 and we're going to leave the opposition alone with the Cronin Mini Pro. Now that we are not running a laser, there's going to be a medium- to long-range weapon exclusively, so definitely do not waste an attachment on any of these.

If we are ever going to rock a barrel, it's going to be the Rhino Barrel to bump up that recoil, control, as well as bullet velocity. But if we have an LMG, specifically a long-range LMG, having little to no recoil is definitely going to be your best option, and the Rhino Barrel is going to do exactly that without actually destroying the mobility as much as some of the other barrels would on this weapon.

2 shot raal mg mw2

Now for the tune, we are going to bump up that side speed. This is a weird LMG here because it's actually maxing. Out maxing, out the slider, it actually does not create a negative value here, so feel free to slide it all the way down to negative Point 40, and for that recoil steadiness, we're going to bump it up to plus Point 37 in order to go ahead and mix.

This weapon is very good at those medium-to-longer ranges. This is definitely a weird light machine gun when it comes to attachments, and tuning now for the muzzle, we are going to rock the F-Tech Dreadnought to bump up that sound suppression bullet velocity as well as recoil smoothness—definitely a great attachment on this weapon.

We're not only going to get those close-to-medium-range benefits but also, obviously, long-range ones here. With that sound suppression, we can move around their spawn and build a quick and easy streak, and obviously without recoil and smoothness, it's going to make sure this weapon is very easy to use at longer ranges.

best mw2 raal mg class

Now for the tune, we are going to bump up that bubble velocity to plus 0.84, and we're also going to increase the aim down sight speed to negative 0.54, breaking the Best of Both Worlds here for close range as well as long range, and once you guys go ahead and select all these attachments and tune them properly when you jump into the firing range, you're going to be very happy for an LMG.

It has a relatively quick pace, but this weapon is going to be able to get two-shot kills, which is going to be super helpful, and it's going to be relatively easy to use at longer ranges. Definitely go ahead and give this weapon a try. Mana. Of the build is going to be the x13 auto, here I have the Kimbo, and for my other attachments on the 33 round magazine.

I have on the Ft steel fire as well as the swindler slide, barrel, and then obviously the one milliwatt laser; the tunes don't really matter with a stun grenade proximity mine, and for my perk package. I have on double time scavenger resupply as well as quick fix, and obviously for the field upgrades I am running Munitions Box as well as Dead Silence.

I'll catch you guys in the next one

best raal mg class

Modern Warfare 2 - Best RAAL MG Class Setup MW2 Best RAAL MG Tunes MW2 in Season 1! This RAAL MG MW2 RAAL MG BUILD has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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