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Awesome YouTube: In today's article, we introduce the brand new SPX 80 in Warzone season 5, with a double lack of the third so they can break 600 likes in today's article. It literally takes two seconds out of your day to comment or shout something out on the screen. Press you guys to comment on the article.

One of your comments shouts out that you know about future uploads. Be sure to like the article. Watch the whole article, and you're definitely going to shout it out.

Class setup

Let's get right onto this SBX80 , setup with an optic-friendly Forge attack. Delta, IV This is probably the best optic in the game for the SPX 80.

I just really love this optic. Definitely put this on the tuning that we did run on the optic. Be sure to definitely copy this down to the stock around the max. This thing is crazy cool. It's the tuning that we did run. We've maxed out the aim downside speed and the aim walking speed for the rear around the Schlanger match grip for that.

Sprint to five speeds and aim down the side. This is what's going to make this gun have the best ads in the game. This is the tune that we definitely ran. Copy this down. This is going to be a one-shot. We have 300 incendiaries. It's going to do so much damage and burn them. This is the tune that we definitely ran.

Copy this down with the mass damage and bullet velocity for the muzzle around the Nissium 90. This is the best for sound suppression and the full velocity damage range of regular smoothness. You definitely want to bang on this. This is the tuning that we did run. Pop this down. I hope you guys are ready for today's bang-a-article with the SPX 80.



Let's get right on to it,

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