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best class setup mw2

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're bringing you guys the Luckwood 300 from War Zone 2 Season 6. Leave a like, so if you can break 200 likes for your {340}, the screen wants you to leave a comment. NY gang and watch the whole article through Let's get right on to this lock with the 300 setup.

Man, this is a master on the JW Max 99 for that sound depression, bull velocity damage, and Ros moonless. This is a one-shot build, so you want to put this on for the tuning man? We max out the Ros moonless and the bull velocity on the barrel. This is Cru wanting to run the mautic, 8112, Barrel Man to that damage range, bull velocity, R control, and TI of P spread, but the most important thing is damage.

Range man, we want to take one shot. This is the tuning on the barrel. We max out the resonance and the damage range. The Las man ran to point D3. Four that hit R control hit fire AC sprint to fire speed. This gives us the most hit-fire accuracy possible. The tuning on the laser is what we did to run ammunition.

best class setup warzone 2

I know this is, you know, a deci, but we run the dragon's breath right, so if this doesn't one shot them, it's going to burn them to death anyway. This is the shing that we did run; we max out the damage range and the bull velocity. Dr action Man, this is what's going to make it. One shot, look at the damage that it gets on dual shot damage, and Rec quick, let's put this on right now.

Tun, man, this is what we did. We maxed out the reco smoothness and the sprint to fire speed. I hope you guys are ready for today's Banger article with the locker 300. Let's get right on to it.

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