News - New "one Shot" Lockwood 300 Warzone 2. Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup / Loadout - Mw2

best class setup mw2

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're bringing you guys the lock with 300. Leave a like so we can break 300 likes for your boy. Share up be on the screen. If you want to share your comment, do so. I watched the whole article through; let's get right on to this lock. 300 setup the laser, run the Schlanger ULO 66 laser for that hit-fire accuracy, hit-fre control man, you definitely want to put this on, the most hit-fire accuracy possible for the shooting on the laser.

This is what we did, and you definitely want to copy this down for the barrel. Only 8812 barrel that damage range, bull velocity, control, and TI of power spread, guys. You really just want to put this on, man, because this is really just the best barrel for this gun. Through the tuning on the barrel, we maxed out the responsiveness and the damage range.

The muzzer is in the GW Max 99. That sound suppression, bull velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness, guys. You definitely want to put this on, man, because this is really just going to make this gun one shot for the tuning on the muzzle. We max out the reco smoothness and the build velocity.

best class setup warzone 2

The trigger action man, this is what's going to make it one shot you want to put on the malstrom. The dual trigger man put this on right now for the tuning. We match up the Ros mov and the spring to fire speed, and finally for the stock on the high stock mod man for the Ambiance side speed. Sprinter fire speed, movement speed, and heat rate control I hope you guys are ready for today's Banger article.

With luck with 300, let's get right on.

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