News - The "one Shot" Katt Amr Class Rebirth Island. Best Katt Amr Class Setup Warzone

best kart amr class mw3

It's your boy J back again with another banger today, man. Today I got you guys with one of the best guns right now, the one-shot cat AMR. This gun's an absolute beast, probably the best sniper in the game right now. All right, guys, you guys want to go ahead and go to their barrel. You want to use the Zang 34.

This gives you the most damage range and bullet velocity. You need that bullet velocity; it's the way your bullet travels, and you need that. For a sniper, you want to go to the muzzle. You want to go ahead and use a VT7 Spitfire suppressor. It gives you more range and recoil control, and it keeps you undetected by the RAR, which is amazing.

You want to go ahead and go to the laser, and you want to go ahead and use the one that gives you the best ad speed and sprad the fire speed, which is the FSS o v laser, which makes your gun a lot quicker, then you want to go to bolts. I know I talk really fast. I'm giving you this class as fast as I can.

You want to go to that quick bolt that gives you that rechambering speed so you can be as quick as possible when you fire. You want to go to the last thing with your rear grip and run the Phantom grip for the ad speed. Enjoy this game. I love you guys.

This gun is the BEST SNIPER In WARZONE SEASON 3 ! katt amr class setup warzone season katt amr season 3 one shot sniper. The ONE SHOT KATT AMR CLASS In REBIRTH ISLAND ! Best Katt Amr Class Setup Warzone.
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