News - The "new" Best Ar After Update Is Insane Warzone 3. Best Taq Eradicator Class Setup

best loadout for warzone

Today's article I got you guys with an absolutely insane 25+ kill gameplay using the tack eradicator in Vondal Park. This thing is absolutely insane. The tack eradicator is one of the new DLC weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and has a burst fire at the beginning, making it absolutely insane. As always, the class will be at the end of the article, so if you guys want to go ahead and copy down all the attachments.

It really does go well, and without further ado, let's get right on into the stack eradicator, gamepl, and ene. All right, you guys, and here's my tack. Eradicator, class setup for the muzzle We're using the VT7 Spitfire suppressor so that we stay undetected by the radar when we fire our enemies, making us harder to track, and getting it also gives us some more recoil control bullet velocity and damage range, making our weapon be able to take out enemies at part of the ranges for the barrel.

We got the Conquer 70-long barrel for more bullet velocity and damage range aiming idle sway l number. We got the Bruin heavy support grip for more gun control, horizontal recoil control, firing stability, and aiming idle sway. Makgun is an absolute monster. For the ammunition, we got the High Ground AR so that we get some more bullet velocity and damage range, and then for the rear grip, we got the FSS, combat grip, giving us some more gun control, recoil control, and firing enemy stability.

best loadout for warzone 3

If you guys do love Call of Duty.

the NEW BEST AR after UPDATE is INSANE in WARZONE 3! Best TAQ Eradicator Class Setup. In todays video I show you guys the NEW META TAQ Eradicator Loadout in WARZONE 3.
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