News - The Mx9 Is Godly After Update On Warzone 2. Best Mx9 Class / Tuning

best mx9 class

For today's article. So starting up with the first attachment, which is the stock we are rocking, the SD Brewing ACR, 56 stocks, this helps out with the recoil control and aiming stability towards this gun, which improves the accuracy. Smith has some rockiness, or your laser gun with a gun that you guys are rocking is the VOCR.

Along with that man, the aimed outside speed pretty much just helps out with that quick ad speed once you get it. Here are also the tools for the barrel man. We put the way at plus point of 18 and we also put the length at negative point 13, which pretty much just helps out with the damage and range for this against Mission as I also use this and for your last tournament, which is for the real good man, we put this thing all the way down to and down sight speed, we also put the sprint to fire speed at a negative 0.45, that's the full set for the mx9.

Like I said, this gun is definitely good if you are using it solo. Peace,

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