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The hidden camo we're unlocking in today's article is for our MW2 weapon called the Luckman Shroud. Head over to the zombie mastery, and it's the fourth one along called Umbrell Destiny. Just look at this beauty. Okay, so you are going to need to trust me on this one. It looks far better in the game, and to unlock it, we are going to need to kill 20 zombies in a row without taking damage 10 times.

Fastest way to unlock!

Once you've loaded in, I'd recommend going for either a Spore contract that looks like this or even an Outlast contract like this one. The Outlast contract has more zombies, but you will have to deal with annoying dogs, so the choice is completely up to you. Start the contract and stay inside the area until around 80%, as this will spawn the highest number of zombies.

Next, if you want to head outside far enough, you can line up the zombies, but not too far. It takes ages for them to get to you from here. There are just two options. You can either try and keep track of all the zombies you are killing or wait until you see this Jack Rabbit achievement pop up, which means you have done 30 in a row, slightly overkill and longer, but you know 100% you've done over the 20 required.

Lastly, you'll need to get hit by a zombie in order to start the process for your next 20. Unfortunately, getting 40 in a row doesn't count as two. Once you see the camo pop up, you don't need to finish the contract, but it's time to either just quit the game and leave or find the nearest XFI site. Be careful, as there's often a similar set of XVs now, which is why I recommend you pick up a contract rather than the XVLSP that I know a lot of people would recommend.

How to find the camo

How to find the camo

To find this camo, you'll need to head to All Camos, then down to Fun, and finally scroll across, and you should see it unlocked and ready to go.

So we jumped into a game of multiplayer quick just to show off this brand new camo VTO in the skies, which probably isn't a good idea. You can see that it does have a little glow to it. As we move inside the building, you can see that it's starting to glow a lot more than what it did on the outside, so it does vary depending on whether it's a light map or a dark map, but it does get even better.

Relaxed resurgence game & best version of camo!

free stars camo mw3

Now we've jumped into a game of resurgence because apparently it looks a lot. Better yet, I did not hear him at all. Apparently, this looks a lot better in Resurgence. What we're going to try and do is get our load out and have a look; hopefully we survive long enough to do that. So, enemy flying in, I think that's the same guy W in Revenge, and it hasn't worked out for him, but what I will say is that I haven't played Resurgence since MW 3's came out.

I don't think so again. I'm not sure how this is going to go, but if I'm going to steal kills like this, then it might go pretty. About, quick, get very quick, right as we can strike, just want to show off. All right, as we can see in War Zone, it is clearly a lot better. We get a good glow, which is definitely much more impressive in War Zone than multiplayer, like I just said.

It was the way to end it. Hopefully it's something that you've enjoyed watching a switch up with a bit of resurgence rather than normal MW3.

There is a FREE hidden camo that everyone is starting to unlock because of the glow in the dark camo feature. This video will show how to unlock the camo and also showcase it in both multiplayer warzone. The Camo is called Umbral Destiny.
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