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best mw3 ranked settings

I play on a Scuf, just a regular old Scuf. You know, Scuf Pro just plays on default with my scuff. I do play with the controller vibration off. I feel like if you play with it on your own, I don't know if there's something wrong with you because this should be off. My dead zones are my left sticks.

Min is zero; the left stick is Max 99; the right stick is Min is five. I'm going to change the left trigger and right trigger right now, both to zero. That basically means that you have to put less pressure on both of your triggers in order for the gun to fire, so it makes sense to have them at zero because I know there's a lot of controllers that have trigger stops, but unfortunately.

I don't have trigger stops, so putting them at zero would probably be the best. I honestly didn't even know they weren't at zero right now, so I guess it's good that I checked, and for my sensitivities, I have them both at 66. I know a lot of people play on 66, and a lot of the pros do too, but you can honestly switch it up.

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A lot of people like playing with high sensitivity. It kind of just depends on your preference and what you've been used to your whole life. All this stuff is the same—just one, then all that, and then the aim response curve type. I play on Dynamic with most people as well, because Dynamic is absolutely awesome.

If you have it on standard or linear, change it to dynamic right now and try to see the difference. It is going to be insane, and then I'm just going to go through this stuff. I feel like all this stuff right here should just be, like, by default, an assist. Obviously, turn that on for an assist of this type.

Keep it on. I keep mine on default. You could try other ones, but in my opinion, default is the best one. I used to play Black Ops and the other games, but for this game, I haven't really changed it, and it's worked out for me. I personally like to follow the pro-G I don't know why; it doesn't even affect me at all, but, as you know, it just makes me feel better about myself.

cod mw3 ranked

I know a lot of people don't give a, but I also play on single tap. Sprint double tap is G8, and make sure you turn off all your mantel. I have my slide SL dive behavior on slide only, because there were a lot of times in the beginning of the game where I was dolphin diving when I meant to slide, and it was pissing me off, to be honest with you, because it threw a lot of lives away from me, and I just lost a lot of winable situations because I accidentally dolphin dived, so if you have it, if you want to slide only and not dolphin dive at all.

I would change the slide. Behavior to slide only. I hate this weapon mount. I promise you, it is the worst thing ever when rank play isn't out and pubs are on. I would accidentally be mounting sometimes, and you just have to turn this off and rank play. Luckily, they ban a lot of this stuff, so it doesn't really apply to anyone who plays rank play.

Behavior: I have prioritized interaction; this is all personal preference as well, so this basically means that I have to hold square to reload, and any gun that's on the floor. I can just tap it and I'll pick it up. To me, it's easier, but you might not like that, so you just use whatever you want on that one, and for graphics, I use full-screen borderless.

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Because I'm always going to my left monitor to record, stop recording, and all that stuff, but if you don't have a you don't have a second monitor, there's no reason for you to be switching screens and all that play on full screen exclusively. That is going to give you the best quality overall and just make your game feel better.

There's not that much of a difference, but I do have to use the full-screen borderless. This is the display adapter for your graphics card display monitor. Whenever I have two monitors, whatever monitor you want to have it on, I have it on the one in front of me, obviously, so that's basically it for display.

All the other stuff doesn't really matter, and for quality, upskilling, and sharpening, make sure Fidelity Cast is on. Make sure the strength is at 100 for these details and textures to optimize the best for your game play. If you're playing rank play, you should honestly, in my opinion, have all these on low, very low, and off, and all that.

modern warfare 3 ranked play

All the pros do the same. If you're streaming, you should also probably have it on low and all that stuff, unless you have some insane PC that can handle everything, which for the most part none of us have. Even the pros probably have insane PCs, and they still put all these on low and off. I'm going to keep going down, and you're just going to see literally all of them are on low, very low off, and none of them are on high at all.

I'm going to turn that low because I didn't even know that was on, but your game is going to run much smoother with all these off just because if you put all them on high or on the highest quality, the game is going to be struggling, way harder to process the game and all the graphics at the same exact time with all the movement and everything you're doing as well, because Call of Duty is a very fast game and your PC could only handle so much, so it might not feel the smoothest it might not, but it might look good, obviously.

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But it's not going to feel the smoothest, and when you play Call of Duty, you want to be able to prioritize your movement and the way the game feels as much as possible. After you're done with all this, you just press apply, but we're going to view it now. Personally, I play on the field of view of 103.

I would suggest playing on anywhere from 100 to probably 105; there's no reason to go above 105, to be honest with you, just because once you get to like the 110 mark, everything's going to be further away, and it's going to be harder to see. If you like that, then go ahead, but I know there's those little movement kids on Twitter that like playing on like 120 or something, and to me, that's insane because you just can't see anything in the field of view.

mw3 controller settings

I have it on affected motion blur. Make sure your motion blur is off for weapon and world motion blur. I see sometimes there's articles of people playing and they have motion blur on, and it is so insane; it's basically like you're wearing drunken goggles. For the film Green, put that at zero, and for the first-person camera movement and third-person camera movement, make sure it's at 50%.

The least amount again; we're going on the least amount for a lot of these settings. I am colorblind, so I'm trying to make it as obvious as possible, like who's the teammate and who's the enemy. The point is, you know what I'm saying, so I have mine on a very light color, I have my team on a kind of dark color, and anyone in my party is kind of just light as well.

Todays video im showing you the best setting fort mw3 ranked play that will help you game look and feel wayyyy smoother.
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