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Enemy, that play was Flawless, that kid just got so [__] Pitt, I was above him, bounced the frag off the floor with no plates, and then pushed him out of where he was running. That kid was confused; the resurgence is about to end. Make It all right, so guys, this is the best class setup, and we're going to start out right now.

Put on the Bryson-improved choke for hip-fire attacks. St spread Tire pell spread and damage range at the cost of some Reco control and am9 sight speed, which do not matter, Put on the Lockwood Defender heavy-long barrel. The reason I chose this is because you have 10 rounds versus six, but if you want a little bit more, I guess movement speed can be used.

It's really a tradeoff, but honestly, I think this is a better choice. Point G, b3p, 04, For the laser for hip recoil control, hip fire attack stance spreads in relation to fire speed. The cost of a laser being visible at the hip honestly does not matter. Express light bolt for re-chamber speed Trust me, you want to have this; it's basically the reason you're able to get quick knocks and, last but not least, assault off mods for spin to fire speed, movement speed, aim walking speed, and aim downside speed at the cost of things that do not matter for this shotgun.

This is the meta-shotgun right now.

Best lockwood 680 Loadout in Warzone 3 Best lockwood 680 Class Setup MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Class Setup Loadout. the BEST LOCKWOOD 680 Loadout in WARZONE 3! Best LOCKWOOD 680 Class Setup - MW3.
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