News - The Best Class Combo Warzone


Today I have a brand new article for you. I found the best two weapons to load out in the Call of Duty war zone; they were so good they gave me a dub. First, try using them, and I'll show you my build at the end of the article. TV, and Violent Striker for all this stuff. Live all right. Enough of this; let's get straight into the article.

Two wins in a row, all team. As you can tell from the article, I used the bass B and the Riveter; the bass B is already meta. I just used the Reich suppressor Shadow strike the Wyvern's, respit long barrel 30 round mag to make it a regular AR, especially with the health and armor in the war zone, the Coro La laser for good aiming stability and aim down sight speed doesn't matter if they see the laser honestly, and then any sight you really want for the Riveter, the suppressed barrel the demo stock sees movement speed Sprint speed if you want that.

Mobility, you know now. The interesting thing is the ammo, the gauge ball, which has fewer pellets but more damage range, recoil, and hit-fire accuracy. Honestly, the fewer pellets are not noticeable at all. The Cura Ren 03 vertical grip and the Pro Sapphire Box Laser hope you guys enjoyed them.

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