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The tunnel's clear. There is a lock on the door leading to the old train station. At the door, preparation for a breach is on your signal. Captain ready, let's get this done. Breach in three, two, 1 ex pushing in, sweeping left, sweeping right, clear. That's what we're copying. Find that fire, and get that drive.

John, team one, push downstairs with us, copy contact, and clear contact. Team two will hold the position upstairs. Contact in the hallway, guys move to fight. The moving side needs to disable the Et Omas lavatory. Are, clear, contact Spread out and find that fire with the blast. Drive watch out con bu is down find that flash, drive flash drive acquired whatever was on it uploaded into the station's train network Trojan Horse Pon has control of the trains.

There's more face recognition than this. They boarded 10 minutes ago. Marov wanted to train full of civilian hostages and victims, that tunnel's 500 ft deep and 30 Mi long there's thousands of people down there at any given time bravel he's going to trap the Tres and destroy the tunnel we have no proof of that not yet, makarov's tranger stopped at a crossover platform 20 meters in.


I'll have SFO's dispatch a second team; we need all the help we can get. We'll take the service tunnel. Let's move we may already be too late, boys. Captain Price At Your Service I need half of your man with my lieutenant and the rest of you with me, right? Stay close and follow my orders. Let's get on those doors.

Yeah, six to watch you; we are on the ex for Makarov solid copy. Go get him, John; this bastard won't go down easy. Yeah, well, now we have sunshine. Hey, come, son, watcher. If Makarov's controlling the trains, can we regain access by attempting to breach their firewall? That hacker was good at helping a mad bastard get money.

Cony spotted us ahead; they don't see us. Let's keep it that way. Six to watch out for trains is clear enough to cross over all Bravo; this is 07 taking effective fire. Tony has hostages; secure them; we're working on it; watch it; we're seeing dead civilians; they may be the first of many Bravos unless we stop.


CH garage clears, securing the hostages; no casualties get; God, my, we'll handle them; rest take six; this is 71. We're on the crossover now. Watch, that's MRA's last position. Sharp, that's ready to go. Marov may be behind these goals on your list, sir. F Captain Cory's got the bomb; let's see, the SFO secures a perimeter, so get on that bomb.

Hey, 2 minutes, sir, all Bravo bombs are located in crossover platforms; they cover here now. Run, pushing your way, Get to work, Two, the disarming af they all te both of us get sneak C on that right, Seat I'm in, talk to me, so bomb's dirty. Captain C4 and the radioactive powder PL hit the tunnel and hit Europe.

How do we this hel it I need the Manu facture logo on the large circuit board. Give me something. The logo on the circuit board is a bear copy. I cut the wire and got it. That took some time. Christ be advised, macarov is in the channel. He's heading your way. So you hear that I'm fine? I'm not leaving this ball, so here you have it.

boss fight

Up Bravo, we need suppressive fire here now, blocking the tunnel off Captain. Stay down, Sergeant. Yeah, finish him, sir. One was left almost clear. We're clear, police. Okay, we need you back on that sneak C. Captain 07 to 6, we're punching through now. Get here what's next up? Locate the blasting cab in the bottom left-hand corner and copy blasting CATT to the signal.

Hi, there's a serial number on it. Give me the third number. The third number is nine copies of good work. This bomb has two fuses; we need to cut both at the same time.

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