News - The "1 Shot" Lockwood 300 Class Warzone 2. Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup

Lockwood 300 class setup

Lockwood 300 class setup

all right We're going to be using the Lockwood 300, aka the 725 shotgun, or whatever you want to call it, the Olympia, the two-shot shotgun. Now, this thing's not as good as it was in years past; it has a slow fire rate, and of course, we have the slow reload in only two shells. I was going to try to make a article on this, but on a map like shipment, it just didn't end up working out very well because of the constant reloading, so I ended up heading over to Farm 18, and I feel like that's the next best map.

Maybe shooting House would have been a good option as well, but Farm 18 ended up showing up in my quick play rotation sooner than others. Now, what's different between this shotgun and the rest is that this one's better and more effective at a longer range, as weird as that sounds because of the buck slug or whatever the heck you're going to call it.

So, this build is built for a longer damage range and a tighter pallet spread when aiming down the sights. We're going to start here with a guard. We have the Buck Pro Approach movement speed named down sight speed, but that being said, we got it tuned to your negative. 0.15 torture crash movement speed negative 0.10 towards the sprint to fire speed for the stock; we have the high stock mod now, but it's not letting me click on it for some reason.

I'll use my mouse to aim for slower speeds. Burn to Fire Speed, Movement Speed, and Hip Recoil, Control Obviously, those are a bunch of positive statistics for a shotgun. I'm mainly chasing that Sprint to Fire speed over the rest, though, for a laser sight to help our aimed-out sights be just a bit more efficient with the VLK laser's 7 milliwatts, aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and Sprint to Fire speed.

Lockwood 300 gameplay

Lockwood 300 gameplay

The most important attachment of the bearer of the build is the barrel matazak, 812 damage range bullet velocity, tighter pellet spread, and recoil control. What can I say? This thing is an absolute beast when it comes to longer-range fights, which is strange for a shotgun in the point-blank category.

You're going to find that you get some strange hit markers, but it still does the job—probably the worst shotgun in the game, but still fun nonetheless. That's the easiest and most effective way to support the channel. Without further ado, we're getting over to Farm 18. I hope you guys enjoy. The fact that you only have two bullets makes it hard for you to play aggressively.

best lockwood 300 class

Because you always have to reload, you always have to keep in mind that there are two people around this corner, and do I have the bullets? Where were you? Homie's already up in the window, and he's got his Invictus XMR gold already. Whatever it is, we're not chasing a nuke or anything. I'm trying to feature this weapon to the best of my ability.

And how are you playing with it now? In the beginning of this game. I thought, "Okay, this thing's kind of way too good," but then I quickly realized that it's not that good; it struggles in a lot of aspects; it's got that long-range potential; but outside of that, it's only got the two shells. I don't want to call them slugs, but it's only got two shells.

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I got it. I got it. If it was called in, that's all that matters. I'm surprised; I didn't think I was going to get it. My teammates kind of stayed off the hill for a bit, so it obviously worked out not being the most kills I've ever gotten, but I think I featured the weapon pretty

In this video I will be using the best class setup for the lockwood 300 in mw2 multiplayer. The lockwood 300 is weirdly most effective at longer ranges and is best using at a slow pace. Make sure you head into mw2 to use the best class now! Timecodes.
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