News - New "one Shot" Lockwood 300 Warzone 2. Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup - Mw2


We use the Lockwood 300, and this gun is so freaking broken. I went crazy. I messed up at the end. I could have won the game, but I gave up. UAV he thought he was going to UAV he killed didn't have no money go see if he had some money not enough might be able to run downstairs that's what I'm going go downstairs I'm hold on I might find enough right here UAV, [__] I ran out of ammo; man, no R out of ammo; that's my fault; damn it, damn it.

Ace, [__] It's all good, though. Man, I shouldn't have done that; I could have stayed where I was, all right. Y'all boys, let's hop straight into this deadly loadout. I mean, this junk is insane. Let's start with the ISO 9 mm. I got the VK LZR 7 m laser. If you need to pause it at any time during the article, feel free to do so.

I'm not going to talk too much. I'm going to just show you the attachments, and y'all can take it from there, man. I'm going to show you the tune-in as well. You can always pause it if you need to screenshot or if you need to do whatever you have to do. The 50-round drum, hollow point ammunition, and stock get the TS down for that.

Now we're going to get into the juice right here. This [__] is so broken. We got the VK ozr 7M laser again. Pause if you need to. To pause if you need to get the muzzle, not to do too much talking. I'm going to let y'all pause and screenshot and do whatever y'all need to do, but I will say y'all need this attachment right here.

best lockwood 300 class

If you don't have this attachment, it's not going to be able to take one shot, so you need that attachment. Goad and pause for the tunings on that, then the stock right here does not have any tunings, and that's it. I mean, I went crazy, man. Y'all have a good one

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