News - Swagg's "broken" Lachmann Sub Warzone 2. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup - Ashika Island

best lachmann sub class setup

Like And subscribe right now for a kiss. You can see it on the screen. Lads, let's go straight onto it, Drop a like in the article so we can break 200 likes in today's beer. really remember what's going to hit that button, man? It takes two seconds out of your day, and it really would mean the world to me.

Comment or shout out to be on the screen. Sub Let's get right to it. This is the Latchman subclass setup, as you can see on the screen. This basically looks like the OJ MP5. It's around the F-TAC M sub-12 barrel. This is going to give us that bull velocity damage range with real control and hit accuracy, and then, along with the tuning, we maxed out the aim walking speed and the damage range mozzle.

Tuning, we're going max at the ambient sound speed and max out the bullet velocity, and the bear around the lock grip. Precision 40-man This is going to give us the hip fire accuracy recoup status and aim walking steadiness, and then for the tuning, we maxed out the hit regular control and maxed out the aim down side speed, and ammunition is under piercing for that damage tuning; we maxed out the damage range, and we maxed out the bullet velocity, and then finally, we put on the 40-round magazines if you want to have a bit of ammo for wiping squads as well.

Let's get right into the gameplay

best lachmann sub class warzone 2

best lachmann sub class lachmann sub warzone 2 lachmann sub warzone 2 lachmann sub after 1. 11 update warzone 2 lachmann sub after update haydz lachmann sub. Swagg's BROKEN LACHMANN SUB in WARZONE 2! Best LACHMANN SUB Class Setup - Ashika Island.
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