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best lachmann sub class

With the fennec finally getting a nerf, the lockman sub has overtaken it for the new meta, and this thing, I'd be dropping my PR of 27 kills on the brand new Ashika. So in today's article, we're going to go over the best lochman, subclass of the let's get into it, we're jumping straight into the class of the boys, and the first attachment we do want to throw on is the lochman dcg, 10 rear grip.

This thing is just going to give us a little bit of recoil. Next, we do want to go ahead and slap on a stock, and we are going to be using the mirror, recoil 56. Factory stock This thing's just once again going to give us aiming stability, and normally we would never use two recoil control attachments.

And, as I was saying before I got rudely interrupted, if you do have the correct tunes on, even with recoil attachments on, you are still going to have a great aim down sight speed. So, with that being said, we do want to max out the aim down sight and the aim walking speed all the way, and without a laser and only two recoil attachments on, look how fast this thing is going to be aiming outside already.

best lachmann sub loadout

In the third attachment, of course, we still want to go ahead and throw in a laser, and we're going to use the VLK LZR. This has always been my go-to laser in this game because it does give the biggest buff to fire and aim down sight speed, and in the new update, they also made it so we can now tune our lasers, which is very convenient.

So, we want to go all the way to "sprint for fire" and "aim down sight speed" just to further increase those two stats because they are very important. Up next, we do want to go ahead and throw on ammunition and type, and we're going to be running the overpressure. Rounds these things are actually going to increase your targets; they will fletch on any bullet you hit on them, making it much harder for them to hit their shots on you, which is going to increase our chance of winning the gunfight.

For the tuning on these, we just want to max out the damage range and the bullet velocity as much as we can because we already have very good recoil smoothness and steadiness, and bullet velocity and damage range are always very nice to have. Last but not least, we do, of course, want to slap on a magazine.

best lachmann sub loadout warzone 2

Because no one likes a 30 round mag, and I personally do like to use the 40 round mag, and that's what I am using in the gameplay, but if you would like a little bit extra ammo, you can actually go ahead and throw on the 50 round drum mag, and you can hardly tell the difference with the aim down sight speed, and if you are using the fast hands perk, which I do recommend, it is very effective in that it gives you a battery, a load, and time, so either of these options is going to be very nice.

Here is the full class setup, guys. Do drop a like and a subscribe for the brand new Ishika, Island meta and make sure you stick around for this banger gameplay; you are not going to want to miss this one. a decent hobby, and tell them I'm just shooting kids in the back; he's on the buying team. I startled them.

I shot him to the side, so he was scared. When I got him, he was down in the same

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