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best lachmann sub class

The meadowlarkman sub had me dropping a 42-kill game on Ashika, island; this gun is easily the best secondary in War Zone 2 right now, so in today's article, we're gonna break down this absolutely, completely broken classic. Let's get into it, so starting us off for attachment number one, we do want to go ahead and throw on the l38.

Falcon, Barrel This thing is going to give us a huge buff to our movement speed and aim-down sight speed. sub So this barrel is really going to help us make this thing feel like pre-patch, and for the barrel tuning, we do want to max the aim down sight as well as the aim walking speed because these two stats are very nice to have on pretty much any SMG you will be using in this game.

Next up, we are going to be throwing on a laser like we do on all our SMGs, and we want to use the VLK and LZR. This is going to give us the biggest buff to aimed outside and Sprint the fire speed out of any of the lasers in the entire game, making this gun have one of the fastest and snappiest aim down sight speeds in all of Warzone 2 and just performing extremely, well from close range, and for the laser tunings, we do want to max the sprint to fire as well as the aim down sight speed because we do want to try to keep these as fast as possible.

best lachmann sub class setup

Or attachment number three, we do want to slap on a rear grip, and we are going to use the Logman TCG10. All this is going to do is give us a buff to recoil and control, making this gun extremely easy to use from pretty much any range, and just feeling very good overall, and for the TC-G10. Tuning we do once again just want to max the juice from the fire as well as aim down sight speed because these two stats are much more important on an SMG build than recall steadiness, and aiming out of stability would be before we finish off the rest of the build.

We do upload daily War Zone 2 content with the best class setups, and right now, almost 98. Of you guys who do watch my content, you have yet to subscribe, so help people out and drop us back up into the build. Next up, we do want to throw on a magazine, and we're going to use the 40-round mag since this weapon did receive a movement speed Nerf.

best lachmann sub class warzone 2

I highly recommend not using the 50-round magazine because it is going to make you extremely slow, and the 40-round magazine will help us find the perfect balance between movement, speed, and ammo capacity. The last attachment is where things are going to get a little bit different.

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