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Class, today, that has zero recoil whatsoever, is amazing at long range and really good at close, and you could use it on multiplayer war zone and even the season 2 Mosh Pit, which has small maps including Valdez Museum, the smallest map in the game. Maybe it was for a good reason; maybe it's so that we can't hack from all the hackers in the game.

Let's hide it. Let's hide all the hackers. Let's show no kill cams. Maybe we're just the crazy ones. Look how fast it kills at close range. You go to mid-range. This thing has no recoil whatsoever. You go to long range, bada, bing bada. Don't use it at long range. Okay, this is good. If you need to pull it out at the last second because there's a guy right beside you, you're not going to hit those shots if he's far, so this is going to be a one-shot game.

You're going to one-shot the guy as long as he's pretending the wall is him. As long as he's within this distance, you should be able to one-shot him. But if he's not, don't pull out this gun man, because you're not going to hit a single target, never mind. We got stem shot, we got a throw-in knife for the perks, we got double-time scavenger, cold-blooded, bird's eye, and dead silence.

best class

I mean, why wouldn't you? The Valdez museum is super small; people could hear you from anywhere on the map. You don't want any dead silence. Now, right here, we're going to run the basilicas, and they're great, so this is the class I have set up for. We got the Akimbo basilica. We got Point 500, snake shots.

The Bryson HTA, the tuning on this one is only Sprint to fire Speed Max I'm going to care about ads; you can't advertise anyway, and recoil smoothness; we don't really care about that because we're not aiming down sights. The recoil is not going to bother us too much; the barrel is the 10.5 f-tac.

You can't do anything like that; don't worry about it. The laser is the Revo LSD. And again, we're going to talk about the hip spread. I don't know; I think that's why I left that zero. I want the hip spread to be pretty good too. And then the sliding hip fire accuracy—maybe we could throw that up.

best class setup

And the hip walking speed We don't really care about that, but yeah, we care about all of that. This one's built for literally all ranges. If you want to use this gun on a chica, an island, the 45, or anything like that, the one thing I will say to take off is probably the Slimline Pro optic; you might not need that as much, and then go to the magazine and throw on the 45 or the 60, probably the 60.

If you're playing Warzone, there's something else you might want instead, but yeah, for the most part, this is the class. We got the Broadhead 3DP muzzle. This one gives you sound suppression, recoil smoothness, and recoil control, which is great. I mean, that's good too, for every pro on that besides.

On multiplayer, is something like sound suppression the only one that you don't need? The recoil smoothness we're going to put out is 0.63, and the bullet velocity is 0.55; then, for the barrel, we're going to use a high-tower 20-inch barrel like this: This is really nice, right? It's the first one, so you should unlock it really quick.


Actually. I don't think if you unlock -- I don't remember how you unlock -- it might not be as quick as I thought, but anyway, so you get blue velocity damage range, recoil, control hip fire accuracy. The tuning on this one is at point 19 towards recoil steadiness and all the way maxed out on the ad.

That's really nice right there. Like I said, this little line in Pro is yours if you want to use it. Go ahead and use it if you like the iron sight at long range; you could definitely run it. I just don't like the iron sight too much at long range. I feel like it's a lot more accurate, and with the Slimline Pro, the tuning on this is going to be very close.

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We're going to put the Flinch resistance up rather than the ads to 1.62. You could put the ads up if you felt the need for them, but I just don't feel the need for them, so we're going to do that there at the Cronin pressure factory. This one gives you aiming stability and recoil control. Well, I'll be there in a few minutes.


Go for this one right here; we're going to put the ads all the way at 1.42 and the aim locking speed at 0.62. I feel like I would put the aiming idle stability higher, especially when playing Warzone, but I also feel like the aiming walking speed is good to have so you could kind of move while still shooting at the same time you wanted to be able to move around.

little quicker and stuff like that, and for the final attachment, we're going to go to the rear grip, which is the X10 grip. We need some sort of sprint to fire an ad on the class, and this is going to give it to us, so that's actually really good right there. The tuning is 0.58 or 0.60; however close you could get it to ads being around there, you don't want to go higher because it's actually going to take away some of the recoil and accuracy and stuff.

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And then for the sprint to fire, we're not going to max that one out either; instead, we're going to put it at Point 17, which, in my opinion, is really good right there, so that's going to be it for the class. Hopefully you guys do enjoy it. Um, I do get some comments. Sometimes people ask me if you ever change the receiver on your gun.

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Don't change the receiver because once you change the receiver, depending on the weapon, it could change the gun in general, like this is the FSS Hurricane, this is the M16, and stuff, so I mean. I don't really mess with the receivers; I don't really go in there; I just leave it as is. I just see no need in changing the receiver on and stuff, so yeah, that's going to be the class setup.

If you guys enjoy it, drop the "like" on the channel because it doesn't always turn on; thank you guys.

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