News - Cod: Warzone 2 Stealth Sniper Mission No Annoying Comentary


Captain, you should go down to the mountain side of the field. May conceal your right to remain silent. 6 stations con's planting Ulf fingerprints on the base Makarov's launching a false-flag attack. Those missiles are American. He's pinning it far to the west. He wants the West to think I'm the enemy.

We need to find out what the target is before it's too late. Six drones are still up. Use it if you want. Captain, do you hear that they're opening the blast door? They're trying to launch the missile. We need to get through those rooms. Can we use these computers to deactivate the launch negative?

I'll need to access the control box on the. The launch platform is on the other side of this door. Copy; it's locked. I'll get it open. Stand by all stations. We located two missiles. The warheads are C. Chic i see again that the missiles have chemical Warhead 71: Repeat your last, [__]. No door's open this way.

Let's, Clear the missile; they're going to launch it, Captain. [__] 06 Come in, Captain; you copy. Go for six con's. Put Makarov's chemicals into the warhead. They're going to launch my missiles. My flag, my country—he wants the world to think you did this. If these missiles launch, they will.


Chemicals—this missile has them too. Farah, these are your missiles. There has to be a way to disarm them. There is a button on the control box. We can do this. The enemy's missile launch and my location I can't stop it. What is the target of our claw base in Cobia? As well, send in a copy and go to the towers.

Get to the control cap visual on a Hilo. In your position, they're bringing in reinforcements. To bring in reinforcements, you need to move CONs all over the service tower. I'll hold on as long as we can together then, Kilo. Captain detonation complete missile is dead chemicals contain R Bravo! Give me a sitre what L Captain Cory surrounded the control guys.

Playing cod for the first in mylife but i trymybest stealth gameplay hope you guys enjoyed.
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